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Background of RELX 1st Generation E-Cigarette Device

Hong Kong has witnessed a surge in the demand for top-quality vape devices and accessories, and one brand that has made its mark is RELX. Whether you’re searching for vape pens, e-cigarettes, or the convenience of ordering vapes online in Hong Kong, offers a diverse range of products designed to cater to your vaping needs.

Established in 2018, RELX is a renowned Chinese electronic cigarette brand known for innovation. In the same year of its inception, they introduced their groundbreaking 1st generation electronic cigarette device, setting a new standard in the world of vaping. Their initial design objective was clear – to provide smokers with a more portable, comfortable, and convenient smoking experience.

What sets apart is its unique taste-adjusting technology. This innovative approach simulates the taste and sensation of traditional tobacco smoke, delivering an authentic and satisfying smoking experience to users. has consistently strived to redefine vaping, and its products are a testament to their commitment to excellence.

Features of RELX 1st Generation E-Cigarette Device

When it comes to the world of vaping in Hong Kong, it’s all about convenience and innovation. Vape enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for compact and lightweight devices that offer the best experience. That’s where the 1st generation electronic cigarette device comes into play.

Compact and Lightweight: The 1st generation electronic cigarette device boasts a slim and lightweight design, perfect for those on the go in Hong Kong. Whether you’re out and about in the city, exploring its vibrant streets, or simply enjoying the stunning skyline, this vape device is designed to be your trusted companion.

Magnetic Charging: Charging your vape device should be hassle-free. With the 1st generation electronic cigarette device, it couldn’t be easier. The device utilizes a magnetic charging method, ensuring you’re back to vaping quickly and without any fuss. No need to worry about complicated charging cables or connectors; it’s all about simplicity.

Atomizer and Cartridge Integration: In the world of vaping, the ease of replacing cartridges can make all the difference. The 1st generation electronic cigarette device takes this into account with its integrated design for the atomizer and cartridge. This thoughtful feature ensures that users can effortlessly replace cartridges, keeping their vaping experience smooth and uninterrupted.

So, if you’re searching for a vaping experience that combines the essence of Hong Kong with cutting-edge technology and design, look no further.  This is your trusted partner in the world of vape, offering both the convenience you crave and the innovation you deserve.

Usage of RELX 1st Generation E-Cigarette Device

When it comes to vaping in Hong Kong, convenience is key. Vape enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for reliable devices that offer the best experience. Whether you’re a veteran vaper or just getting started, understanding key indicators is crucial for a seamless vaping experience.

🉑 Checking Battery Level:

In the fast-paced world of Hong Kong, it’s important to know when your vape device needs a recharge. The last thing you want is to run out of power during a busy day in the city. With the latest vape technology, you can easily monitor your battery level. When your battery is running low, the indicator light will flash white, letting you know it’s time to recharge.

🉑 Charging Indicator:

Vape enthusiasts know that fast and reliable charging is a must. In the bustling streets of Hong Kong, you need a vape device that can keep up with your pace. The charging indicator light at the charging port is designed for your convenience. While charging, it remains a solid white, assuring you that your device is getting the power it needs. And when your vape device is fully charged and ready to go, the light at the charging port will turn off automatically, signaling that it’s time to disconnect from power.

In a city that never sleeps, your vape device should be as dynamic and reliable as you are. Whether you’re exploring Hong Kong’s vibrant culture, enjoying its culinary delights, or simply taking in the breathtaking views, your vape experience should always be seamless. And with the right vape device, it can be.

RELX 1st Vape Device 【Classic】 | Small Smoke | 9 Colors | 1.8v



RELX 1st Generation Vape Device

Recommendation Level
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The RELX 1st Generation device is widely recognized in the e-cigarette field for its originality and high-quality products.

Product Specifications: Brand: RELX 1st Generation Vape Pen Voltage: 1.8v Battery Indicator: Flashes white 3 times when battery is depleted, automatically turns off when fully charged. Compatibility:

Color Options:

  • Light blue, gradient pink, gradient purple, gradient gold, white, pink, red, classic blue, blue and white, silver, black

The RELX 1st Generation Vape Device is not only known for its stylish appearance and multiple color options but also for its excellent compatibility. It can accommodate a variety of brand-specific 1st generation pods, providing users with more choices for a diverse and enriching vaping experience.

RELX-vape-relx-classic-compatible-vape-dark blue-color
RELX-vape-relx-classic-compatible-vape-gradient purple-color
RELX-vape-relx-classic-compatible-vape-light blue-color
RELX-vape-relx-classic-compatible-vape-black gold-color
RELX-vape-relx-classic-compatible-vape-gradient blue-color
RELX-vape-relx-classic-compatible-vape-pink gold-color
RELX-vape-relx-classic-compatible-vape-rose gold-color

Technological Innovation

The RELX 1st Generation Vape Device is equipped with advanced electronic technology, offering a stable and satisfying vaping experience. Its 1.8v voltage setting not only ensures a rich vapor flavor but also guarantees overall safety during use.

An intelligent battery management system allows you to constantly monitor the battery status, preventing sudden shutdowns due to low battery, thus ensuring a worry-free use.

Broad Compatibility

A major highlight of the RELX 1st Generation is its outstanding compatibility. It supports various brands’ 1st generation pods, including RELX Vape original pods, U.S. LUX universal pods, and South Korean JMG universal pods.

This means users can choose different brands of pods according to their taste preferences, enjoying a more varied vaping experience.

Personalized Choices

The RELX 1st Generation Vape Device offers a range of color options, including light blue, gradient pink, gradient purple, gradient gold, white, pink, red, classic blue, blue and white, silver, and black.

Each color has its unique charm, allowing users to choose the perfect device that matches their style and occasion. Whether it’s for business events or casual moments, there’s a suitable RELX 1st Generation Vape Device for everyone.

User Experience

The user experience with the RELX 1st Generation Vape Device is exceptional. Its design balances aesthetics with practicality, not only being visually appealing but also comfortable to hold and easy to operate.

The device produces vapor quickly and consistently, meeting high standards for a vaping experience. Additionally, its portability is a significant advantage, allowing you to easily carry it and enjoy vaping anytime, anywhere.


The RELX 1st Generation Vape Device stands out in the market with its superior performance, broad compatibility, and personalized color choices. It is not just a stylish vaping device but also a reflection of a lifestyle. Choose the RELX 1st Generation and embark on an exciting vaping journey.

— RELX HY 輕悅 (@HYRELX_VAPEHK) 2024年4月29日