RELX 4th Vape Device 【Infinity】 | Thick Smoke | 8 Colors | 5v


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RELX Infinity 4th Generation Electronic Cigarette Device

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The RELX Infinity 4th Generation device is widely recognized and welcomed in the electronic cigarette industry for its advanced and high-quality products.

Product Specifications:

Variety of Colors: Gradient Gold-Red, Blue-White, White-Gold, Powder Blue, Purple, Classic Blue, Green, Gold, Silver, Black

The RELX Infinity 4th Generation vape device features advanced 2.8v voltage technology, providing stable and satisfying vapor production. The Type-C charging port and smart LED indicators make the charging process more convenient and intuitive. The special vibration alert feature, which activates every 15 puffs, provides timely usage feedback, enhancing comfort and convenience.


Broad Compatibility

One of the standout features of the RELX Infinity 4th Generation vape device is its extensive compatibility. It supports not only RELX's original 4th generation pods but also is compatible with other brands' 5th generation pods such as Mega, Lana, and Japanese Lamu, offering a rich variety of flavor choices that meet the needs of different users.

This open and compatible design philosophy makes the RELX Infinity 4th Generation a genuinely suitable e-cigarette product for the masses.

Color Choices and Personalization

In terms of color options, the RELX Infinity 4th Generation vape device also performs exceptionally. From Gradient Gold-Red to Classic Blue, from Powder Blue to Green, to the elegant White-Gold and stylish Black, each color represents different personalities and styles.

Users can choose the most suitable color based on their preferences and occasions, showcasing their unique personality.

User Experience and Reviews

The user experience of the RELX Infinity 4th Generation vape device is outstanding. The stable voltage output and rich vapor production provide a satisfying smoking experience.

Smart charging and battery level indicators allow users to always be aware of the device's status, avoiding any inconvenience. The vibration alert feature adds an element of fun to its use while also being a nod towards user health.

User reviews of the RELX Infinity 4th Generation are overwhelmingly positive. Many express satisfaction with the technological advancements and attention to detail in design, especially appreciating its broad compatibility and rich flavor choices.


In summary, the RELX Infinity 4th Generation electronic cigarette device is an excellent product that combines technological innovation, convenience of use, and personalized design. It not only meets the high demands of users for a smoking experience but also offers a wealth of choices and personalized experiences.

Whether you are a loyal user of electronic cigarettes or a seeker of a better smoking experience, the RELX Infinity 4th Generation is an option you should not miss. Own it now and start your new vaping journey!

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