RELX waist bag (accessory) (2-in-1)


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RELX waist bag (waist bag) (accessory) (2-in-1)

The RELX waist bag is a convenient accessory designed specifically for RELX vaping users. This waist bag includes the following:

Protective hard case:

This hard case ensures that your RELX smoke machine and cartridges are not damaged when carrying them. It provides effective protection against dust, dirt or other external elements entering the hood.

Iron hook:

The waist bag is equipped with a sturdy iron hook that can be easily attached to your backpack, belt or other items, allowing you to carry your RELX smoke machine and cartridges at any time without the need for additional bags.

Place the hood cartridge flat plate:

This flat design allows you to place your RELX smoke machine and pods neatly, ensuring they don’t rub against each other or move, thus keeping them in perfect condition.

The waist bag is available in a variety of color options, including blue, gray and black, to meet the preferences of different users. Its leather design not only adds dust resistance but also adds a sense of style to it. Whether you’re using your RELX e-cigarette while traveling, at work, or just relaxing, this 2-in-1 waist bag allows you to conveniently carry your devices, ensuring they stay clean and in good condition.

The design helps improve dust protection and adds style to the belt bag. The RELX waist bag is a practical and stylish accessory that allows you to conveniently carry and protect your RELX smoke machine and cartridges, making it ideal for RELX users. Whether it’s daily use or travel, it can meet your needs.

Waist generation

Relx Universal Accessories
Product name: Two boxes and one waist bag
Applicable hoods: RELX generation hoods, Relx 4th generation hoods, Relx 5th generation hoods, Lux generation hoods, Moho hoods, Vic hoods, Mega hoods, Troy hoods
Applicable pods: RELX generation pods Relx 4th generation pods Lux generation pods JMG pods King pods Lana pods Pino pods Huanxi pods Moho pods and Le pods
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The waist bag is designed with leather to enhance the dustproof effect, and the outer model is equipped with iron hooks, which can be hooked to backpacks, pants, etc., making it easy to carry
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