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LUX disposable Vape [exclusive]

In Hong Kong, a bustling metropolis where Eastern and Western cultures blend, LUX disposable vapes have become a part of life for those urbanites who pursue fashion and convenience.

The design of this vape combines lightness, portability, and stylish aesthetics, meeting the modern demand for efficient living.

Choosing durable metal materials and incorporating efficient atomization technology not only enhances the durability of the product but also ensures the density and quality of the vapor.

LUX's appearance is simple yet elegant. With a length of 105 millimeters and a width of 16 millimeters, it becomes the focus in any setting. Its light weight of 20 grams allows it to be easily carried in a pocket like a pen, making it convenient to carry around.

  • Number of sucks: 500
  • 6 ml large capacity e-liquid
  • Battery capacity 550mAh
  • 5+ flavors