LUX 1st Pod 【USA BRAND】 | Compatible with RELX 1 Vape | Extreme Mint | 35 Flavors


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From the American brand: LUX Vape Pods

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The American brand LUX Vape Pods are widely recognized in the e-cigarette industry for their innovation and high-quality products.

Product Specifications: 

Variety of Flavors:

Passion Fruit | Smooth Soy Milk | Fresh Mint | Rich Oolong | Kissed Strawberry | Rich Coffee | Mung Bean Smoothie | Fragrant Green Grape | Mixed Fruit Smoothie | Dragon Fruit | Sprite | Coconut | Hokkaido Milk | Durian | Jasmine Dragon Well | Ribena | Peach Mango | Rose Lychee | Watermelon Ice | Pineapple Ice | Pomegranate | Ice Blast Lemon | Rich Tobacco | Fresh Pomelo | Taro Ice Cream | Red Bull Energy Drink | Crystal Peach | Cola | Green Grape Apple | Osmanthus Oolong | Hokkaido Melon | Mint Chocolate

As an American e-cigarette brand, LUX Vape Pods stand out for their unique features and flavors. Unlike many competitors, LUX Vape Pods are known for the stronger mint sensation across its range.

LUX 煙彈 - 34種口味,RELX 一代通用,輕悅獨家品牌

Features of LUX Vape Pods

LUX Vape Pods are distinguished by their high diversity and quality of taste. First and foremost, LUX Vape Pods utilize premium ingredients for both nicotine content and flavors, ensuring each puff delivers the purest vaping experience. Each LUX Vape Pod undergoes strict quality control to maintain product consistency and stability.

In addition to taste, LUX Vape Pods also offer convenience and durability. The magnetic connection design makes pod replacement incredibly simple, just a quick snap-in is needed. Moreover, the design of LUX Vape Pods is highly durable, preventing e-liquid leakage and ensuring a stable vaping experience over time.

Mint Sensation

The mint flavor in LUX Vape Pods is a significant highlight due to its cooling sensation. Whether during hot summers or stuffy indoors, the mint flavor provides a refreshing feel, making it a pleasant and natural vaping experience. The mint flavor not only revitalizes but also soothes oral discomfort, offering a novel smoking experience.

Popular Flavors

The variety of flavors in LUX Vape Pods is vast, with some being particularly favored by users. Ice Spring Mint and Lychee are among the hot picks. Ice Spring Mint combines the cool taste of mint with the refreshing flavor of spring water, offering ultimate refreshment; while the Lychee flavor bursts with rich fruitiness, making it a favorite for many.

Recommended Pairing

For the best vaping experience, it's recommended to pair LUX Vape Pods with compatible e-cigarettes such as the RELX 1st generation original e-cigarette, TROY PODS KIT 1st generation universal e-cigarette, LANAVAPE 1st generation universal e-cigarette, and others. These e-cigarettes offer excellent performance and quality, perfectly complementing LUX Vape Pods for an optimal smoking experience. The magnetic connection design of LUX Vape Pods also makes pod replacement effortless, allowing users to easily enjoy a wide range of flavors.

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