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RELX Classic vape

The RELX Classic vape is an exquisite choice for the vast majority of vapers. It offers a non-intrusive lifestyle option and a convenient, enjoyable vaping alternative. The RELX Classic vape is dedicated to enhancing the vaping experience, with years of concentrated effort and investment in the research and development of each RELX vape universal device product. It provides an unparalleled traditional cigarette smoking sensation, surpassing previous breakthroughs and continuously innovating to lead the industry.

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RELX as a pioneer in vape

Largest manufacturer

In 2017, RELX was established in China, focusing on the research, design, and promotion of consumer-grade electronic heating cigarettes within the vape industry.

This passion was recognized by the market, leading to investment collaborations with international institutions such as IDG, Sequoia Capital, and Source Code Capital. RELX's business has expanded across Europe, the Americas, Asia, and other regions, further developing its market presence.

In Hong Kong, the official RELX Hong Kong website is an authorized distributor of RELX products, offering genuine RELX vapes to the vapers of Hong Kong.


As a financial hub in the Asia-Pacific region, RELX pays close attention to the promotion of vapes in Hong Kong to better promote vape culture.

Our store not only represents genuine RELX vape kits and pods but also carries a variety of brands for RELX compatible pods and devices, including those from China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, the United States, and more.

Whether you are a vape enthusiast or a consumer looking for high-quality pods, the official RELX Hong Kong website offers a diverse selection for you.


As the agent of Relx in Hong Kong, our store pays great attention to the fashion trends of vape in Hong Kong, insists on genuine Relx vape sets and pods, comprehensively takes care of customers who love Relx e-cigarettes, and provides the best products for novices or professional veterans. Excellent service and special member treatment.

Relx Hong Kong's official website provides Hong Kong customers with a convenient shopping method. They can directly purchase Relx vape sets and pods and enjoy fast delivery services.

relx 4代無限電子煙

What are the differences between the four types of RELX clsaaic universal vape stems?

This electronic cigarette rod is suitable for novices because it is easy to use and not complicated. RELX cigarette rods have a variety of colors to choose from, and the power is not high so the amount of smoke will not be too much.

RELX will flash a white light when charging, and will automatically turn off the light or keep a white light when fully charged. There will be no vibration when the e-cigarette cartridge is inserted. It is the only e-cigarette stem that uses a USB cable.

The special color of this electronic cigarette stem is that it has two engraved models, and the two engraved models have purple lightning or blue-green waves. The power of MOHO is relatively large, and the smoke volume is relatively large, so there is a chance of firing.

There is a power display, the white light is 100%, the blue light is below 50%, and the red light is for charging. The MOHO cigarette stick will display a white light when charging, and the white light will stay on when fully charged. This model is charged with a TYPE-C cable.

The power of this electronic cigarette can be adjusted and the power is displayed. TROY has two ways to adjust the power. You can choose to take two puffs within 0.5 seconds or insert the cigarette cartridge twice within 0.5 seconds.

If the white light shows that the battery is 100%-20%, it also means that it is in a lower power mode. For example, the red light indicates a higher power mode, while the blue light indicates 20%-0%. The white light will flash when TROY is charging. Just use the TYPE-C cable for charging.

The colors of this vape are mainly bright and solid, and two gradient colors are more popular. What’s special about MEGA is that a special edition vape stick will be released on a certain day, and the battery level display can be checked manually.

The power of the MEGA cigarette rod can be adjusted. In 0.5 seconds, the light can be changed from white to purple after two quick puffs, and it can be adjusted to a higher power mode. Users can quickly touch the display light manually to display the battery level. The green light indicates full power, the blue light indicates 50% power, and the last red light indicates 20% power. When MEGA is charging, the white light will flash, and it is also charged with TYPE-C cable. In addition, MEGA’s packaging will include a neck strap. Users who want a neck strap can choose this one.

GRID classic vape

GRID classic vape (same manufacturer as MEGA) is a portable, high-efficiency smoking device designed for users. Its appearance dimensions are 90mm high, 21mm wide and 12mm thick. It is compact in design and easy to carry.
Equipped with a 380mAh battery capacity, it can support long-term use. Its constant voltage output design can provide different modes of 2.4V/2.7V, including surging mode, allowing you to enjoy greater smoke.

The battery display function clearly indicates the battery status, from green light to red light, allowing you to know the battery status at any time. The charging method is Type-C charging, the charging time is about 1 hour, and it has a full day's battery life. A variety of color options are available, from classic black to gradient golden green, to meet the personalized needs of different users.

With the continuous development and innovation of the vape industry, I believe that GRID 1st generation vape will continue to meet the needs of all users and bring more surprises and satisfaction.

Zgar PCC porcelain crystal
craft electronic cigarette

Zgar PCC porcelain crystal craft phanotm vape is an advanced product that combines fashion and technology. It has a simple and exquisite appearance, is comfortable to use, and uses advanced heating technology to provide a stable smoking experience.

It comes with a variety of smart features, such as a large screen display and fast charging, making it even more convenient to use. A variety of flavors and concentrations of e-liquid are available to meet different taste needs.

In short, this vape integrates fashion, technology and convenience to bring endless enjoyment to users.


Vape care and FAQs

How to properly maintain the vape?
  • Clean the vape of the vape regularly and wipe it gently with a soft cloth.
  • Avoid exposing the vape to extreme temperatures or moisture.
  • Regularly check the charging port and cigarette cartridge interface to ensure that there is no dust or foreign matter blocking it.
  • Use original chargers and accessories for charging.
What should I do if my vape leaks oil?
  • Check whether the pod is installed correctly and make sure the sealing ring is intact.
  • Avoid leaving your vape upside down or on its side for long periods of time.
  • Reduce frequent and vigorous inhalations to avoid excessive internal pressure.
  • If the problem persists, it is recommended to replace it with a new pod or contact customer service.
What should I do if my vape cannot be charged?
  • Check the charging cable and charging port for damage or foreign objects.
  • Try using another charger or charging cable.
  • Make sure the vape switch is on.
  • If the problem persists, you may need to contact customer service for repair or replacement.
What should I do if the amount of smoke emitted by my vape decreases?
  • Check whether the cartridge is used up or has poor contact.
  • Clean the air intake of the hood to ensure smooth air circulation.
  • Try adjusting the hood's power setting (if it has this feature).
  • If the smoke volume is still reduced, the pod may need to be replaced or the vape repaired.
What should I do if my vape has a strange smell?
  • Check whether the pod is expired or damaged, and try replacing it with a new one.
  • Clean the vape’s inlet and internal components.
  • Try changing the pods to different flavors to see if it is a specific flavor issue.
  • If the odor persists, it is recommended to stop using it and contact customer service.