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Overview of all RELX Vape products

(Catalog of Relx 1, Relx 4 and Relx 5 Vape Machine and Pods)

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Vape Machines/Pods of Relx 1, 4 and 5


Package Menu of RELX 1 Vape Machines

The total discount value is up to $1940
Plan C saves $430

Package Menu of RELX 1 Pods

As low as $8X/box

Package Menu of RELX 4/5 Vape Machines

The total discount value is up to $1940
Plan C saves $430

Package Menu of RELX 4/5 Pods

As low as $8X/box

Relx 1 , 4 and 5 Vape
Classification table

The difference between RELX 1 and RELX 4


RELX 1, a pioneering name in the world of vaping, is the most representative electronic cigarette, making it a top choice for those in the world of vape hong kong, hk vape, or looking to order vapes online. Why do I say this? Because the trend of electronic cigarettes started with the RELX brand, catering to the needs of the vaping hong kong community! RELX 1 is suitable for beginners due to its affordable price and milder flavors and sensations, a perfect option for those exploring vape hk and hk vape. It is easier for customers who have switched from hookah or traditional tobacco to accept, ensuring a smooth transition. Additionally, RELX 1 has introduced many flavors, offering a wide range of choices from mild to strong, providing options for those in the world of vapes hong kong. Therefore, I would recommend RELX 1 for beginners in the world of hongkongvape.


RELX 4, the perfect choice for those seeking the best in vaping, is an advanced version of RELX 1, making it an ideal option for those in the world of vape hong kong, hk vape, or looking to order vapes online. RELX 4 has improved all the shortcomings of RELX 1, such as oil leakage and resistance when inhaling, catering to the needs of the vaping hong kong community. The battery capacity has increased by 30%, ensuring a longer-lasting vaping experience. Therefore, from the above perspectives, RELX 4 surpasses RELX 1, providing a top-notch experience for those exploring vape hk and hk vape options. Of course, the price of RELX 4 is a bit higher, but it’s worth it for the enhanced experience! However, the flavor options for RELX 4 are reduced by half, and all flavors are stronger, making it suitable for more experienced users in the world of vapes hong kong. Discover the world of hongkongvape with RELX 4.

In summary, RELX 4, a top choice for those seeking perfection, has added wireless charging, catering to the needs of those in the world of vape hong kong, hk vape, or looking to order vapes online. It has also introduced a breathing light on the device, enhancing the experience for those exploring vape hk and hk vape options. The charging position at the bottom has been adjusted, and its performance has improved, setting a new standard for vaping. However, subjectively speaking, I personally prefer RELX 1. Having tried both RELX 1 and RELX 4, I ended up using the RELX 1 device in the end because its flavors are truly more outstanding, ensuring a delightful experience for those in the world of vapes hong kong. Discover the world of hongkongvape with RELX 1.

The New Trend of Electronic Cigarettes: How Harmful Are Traditional Cigarettes to Health?

People often say that smoking is harmful to health, and this understanding is particularly prevalent in the vaping community in Hong Kong and among those looking to order vapes online. But how exactly does it harm us? First, we need to understand the harmful substances in traditional cigarettes, as well as their alternatives such as hong kong vape, hk vape, and vapes hong kong, offered by brands like hong kong relx and available through the convenience of vape pen devices. Understanding the differences and potential health impacts is crucial for informed decisions in the world of vaping, including hkvape options.

Carbon Monoxide

  • Causes transport issues
  • Reduces physical performance
  • Accelerates aging


Affects brain neurons, causing dependency and discomfort when not consumed


Contains harmful substances, causing various diseases and conditions
Carbon monoxide and nicotine affect cognitive functions, and smoking can lead to inflammation, emphysema, and various cancers.

Electronic Cigarettes Minimize Harm to the Body

The most harmful substance affecting the human body is tar. Traditional cigarettes harm not only the smoker but also those exposed to secondhand smoke. Therefore, cigarettes, including vape hong kong, hk vape, and vapes hong kong options, are harmful in every way. For those seeking alternatives, exploring the world of hongkongvape, hong kong relx, and vape pen devices for order vapes online can be a healthier choice.

Structure of RELX Electronic Cigarettes

RELX electronic cigarettes eliminate harmful substances. They convert the harmful tar found in traditional cigarettes into glycerin and propylene glycol, two organic solvents. Glycerin is used to create vapor and also helps soothe the throat; propylene glycol creates a sensation when smoking and can also be combined with other substances. This transformation is what makes vape hong kong, hk vape, and vapes hong kong, including hongkongvape and hong kong relx products, a safer and appealing choice for those looking to order vapes online.

Electronic Cigarettes Are Your Best Choice for Quitting Smoking

There are many products to help quit smoking, such as nicotine patches and gum, but the success rate is low—up to 60%! Want to successfully quit traditional tobacco? RELX can help you!

RELX offers a wide variety of flavors, suitable for those who want to quit smoking or prefer less intense flavors. Whether you like strong tobacco flavors or fruity ones, RELX has got you covered. The vapor dissipates quickly and doesn’t produce secondhand smoke. If you want to quit or reduce the smell, you can consider trying vape hong kong, hk vape, and vapes hong kong. These products, including hongkongvape and hong kong relx, are designed to provide a satisfying alternative to traditional smoking. You can even order vapes online for added convenience.

Specially Designed and Thoughtfully Managed

Looking for an alternative to traditional smoking in Hong Kong? RELX has you covered. RELX HK offers a compact and user-friendly vaping device that is easy to carry. Their built-in magnetic technology simplifies cartridge replacement, making it convenient for users. The device also features indicator lights for inhaling, charging, and overheating.

But what truly sets RELX apart is its variety of flavors, with nearly 20 options to cater to different preferences. Whether you’re into classic tobacco or more adventurous flavors, like watermelon or mixed fruit ice, there’s something for everyone. Join the RELX family and discover a new way to enjoy your vaping experience!

Say Goodbye to Traditional Cigarettes and Welcome Your Electronic Cigarette

Looking to explore the world of electronic cigarettes in Hong Kong? Look no further than RELX, a pioneer in the local electronic cigarette industry. If you’re considering making the switch, RELX is the brand to try. Not only is it more budget-friendly compared to traditional cigarettes, but it’s also a healthier alternative that doesn’t produce harmful secondhand smoke. With all these advantages, there’s no reason to hesitate. Why not give RELX a try today?

Common RELX Questions That Bother Many Customers: Let Me Answer Them for You!

At LightJoy E-cigarettes, we frequently receive inquiries from our Hong Kong customers regarding RELX devices and cartridges. To provide valuable insights and assistance, let’s tackle some common questions and concerns about using RELX products. One prevalent query that many customers have encountered is the issue of cartridge leakage. Why do RELX cartridges sometimes leak?

Why Do RELX Cartridges Leak?

Cartridge leakage can be a common concern with RELX products, but its severity often depends on various factors, including the cartridge itself and how customers use it.

One common reason for leakage is when customers forget to remove the RELX cartridge from the device during charging. Charging generates heat, which can cause the e-liquid to boil and deform the cartridge shell, resulting in leaks. To address this issue, it’s essential to remember to detach the cartridge from the device while charging to minimize the risk of leakage.

Another significant factor leading to leaks is exposing the RELX device to extended periods of high temperatures. In my experience, this is the cause of approximately 90% of leakage cases. Environments such as hot cars or direct sunlight exposure can lead to increased heat generation. To prevent leaks, it’s advisable to keep the RELX device and cartridge with you, especially in hot conditions.

Why Can’t I Inhale Smoke from My RELX Device Sometimes?

  1. Poor contact between the RELX cartridge and the device: Due to variations in manufacturing, sometimes there can be misalignment or poor contact between the cartridge and the device. If this happens, a simple solution is to wipe off any accumulated oil at the bottom of the RELX cartridge with a tissue, which should resolve the issue.

  2. E-liquid solidification: If a customer leaves an opened RELX cartridge unused for an extended period, the e-liquid can solidify and block the vapor outlet, resulting in no vapor production when inhaling. To avoid this, it’s advisable to finish the opened cartridge within a week to reduce the chances of this problem.

It’s important to remember that RELX e-cigarettes are electronic devices, and occasional issues can occur. With proper care and maintenance, customers can continue to enjoy a satisfying vaping experience.

Can RELX Be Taken on an Airplane?

While RELX e-cigarette users can easily carry their devices with them, it’s important to be aware of the legal regulations when it comes to transporting e-cigarettes and cartridges. Specifically, the lithium battery in the RELX device is prohibited in checked luggage. To ensure compliance, be sure to remove your e-cigarette before boarding.

What Should You Be Aware of When Taking RELX on an Airplane?

Remember, it’s crucial never to vape or attempt to charge the battery of your RELX device while on a plane. Doing so is strictly prohibited and poses serious safety risks. To ensure a smooth travel experience with your e-cigarette, consider placing your cartridges in a sealed container for transport. When traveling with an e-cigarette, understanding the specific rules and regulations in place for airplanes, trains, and other forms of public transport is essential. Each mode of transportation may have its own set of restrictions and agreements regarding the use of vaping devices.

What Are the Battery Specifications of the RELX Device?

The RELX device uses a standard Type-C interface and has a built-in 350mAh lithium battery, making it very convenient and flexible for charging, enough for a day’s use. The latest RELX models will use a 380mAh lithium-cobalt battery, providing even more power to last a day or even two, along with a Type-C USB charging method that increases output power and offers 40 minutes of fast charging when completely drained.

What Should You Be Aware of When Charging RELX?

While charging, the RELX e-cigarette goes through a color sequence, transitioning from white to blue, and then to green. Once the green light turns off after approximately 2 seconds, the charging process is complete. To ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your RELX device, it’s important to always disconnect the vaping device from the cartridge during charging. Failing to do so may lead to leaks, which can significantly affect the device’s lifespan. For the initial three charges, it’s advisable to let them last for about 3 hours before resuming regular charging.

Does RELX Have New Flavors?

In the latest RELX cartridges, there are 13 new flavors including Fresh Green Bean, Real Smoke, Mango Pomelo, Fresh Mint, Fresh Cucumber, Hot Mango, Casual Tobacco, Iced Lemon Tea, Sweet Lychee, White Peach, Fresh Melon, Strong Fermented Coffee, etc. There’s definitely a flavor that will suit your taste preferences.

Additionally, in the latest 2022 version of the RELX device, RELX has included one Ice-cold Watermelon (3%) flavored cartridge, offering great value for money and utilizing the latest RELX technology.

You can also consider purchasing universal cartridges and devices from other brands, such as Lana cartridges with a strong minty flavor, or Pino cartridges from a Japanese brand, offering flavors not available from the original manufacturer, suitable for vapers who like different flavors.

Is There Enough Vapor Flavor in RELX Cartridges?

RELX e-cigarettes have become a daily staple for many in Hong Kong, offering a variety of flavors that cater to diverse preferences. The market primarily features an array of fruit-flavored options, yet it extends beyond to choices like Tieguanyin and mint.

Shop owners have noted that a significant portion of e-cigarette enthusiasts do not favor the taste and flavor of traditional cigarettes. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the latest RELX 5 aims to address this need by introducing substantial improvements. These enhancements result in a refined taste and an elevated vaping experience, delivering a more extensive selection of flavors to cater to the discerning tastes of e-cigarette users.

How Should You Choose the Right RELX Cartridge Flavor?

One of the notable characteristics of RELX is its remarkable cost-performance ratio. The brand offers a diverse array of cartridge flavors, surpassing many other brands in variety and portability. Among the current generation, RELX 1 stands out for offering the widest selection of cartridge flavors, ensuring a more extensive range of choices and excellent value for users. At LightJoy, we pride ourselves on providing an impressive collection of over 200 cartridge flavors. Whether you’re an e-cigarette enthusiast who relishes the freshness of fruit flavors or seeks the familiarity of classic drinks, candies, mints, or even the zing of Red Bull, our assortment caters to every palate.

For those who lean towards the traditional, we offer a selection of tobacco, mint, and nicotine salt cartridges with nicotine concentrations of 3% and 5%. These options make RELX e-cigarettes stand out for delivering an experience closer to the authentic taste of real tobacco, setting them apart from other brands.

RELX cigarette machine maintenance instructions

Remember to separate the hood and cartridge before charging

The common oil leakage in RELX is most likely caused by this reason. Regardless of whether it is a Relx hood or a cigarette cartridge, remember to separate the two before charging to avoid shortening the life of the hood. If you’re a vaping enthusiast in Hong Kong looking for a great selection of products, consider exploring the vibrant vape scene in the city. Vape Hong Kong is a hub for those seeking a wide range of options, from vape pens and vape HK stores to Hong Kong RELX products. For added convenience, you can order vapes online, offering an extensive choice for your vaping needs. So, whether you’re searching for traditional tobacco flavors or more unique options like mango or mint, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Hong Kong’s vaping community.

Pay attention to the angle of use of RELX VAPE

When using the RELX cigarette machine, pay attention to the angle of use. When using it, place the cigarette nozzle upward and the cigarette machine downward. If the situation is reversed and used, due to gravity problems, the e-liquid will flow into the RELX cigarette machine nozzle, affecting the smoking experience. If you’re a vaping enthusiast in Hong Kong, you’ll find a thriving scene with a wide range of options, from vape pens and vape HK shops to Hong Kong RELX products. For added convenience, you can even order vapes online, providing an extensive selection for all your vaping needs. So, whether you’re searching for traditional tobacco flavors or more unique options like mango or mint, you’ll discover everything you need in Hong Kong’s vibrant vaping community.