WAKA soMatch Mini Pod 4th Generation 【RELX Deputy Factory 】 | Compatible with RELX 4/5/6 Vape | 8 Flavors


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WAKA soMatch Mini Pod 4th Generation 【RELX Deputy Factory】

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Newly released, each pack includes 1 pod, offering a premium vaping experience.

Product Specifications:

Flavor Variety

-Apple Pandan, -Classic Tabacco, -Kiwi Passion Guava, -Lime, -Menthol Tobacco, -Pink Lemonade, -Strawberry Kiwi, -Watermelon

The WAKA soMatch Mini Pod 4th generation features a uniquely designed duckbill-shaped mouthpiece that aligns closely with the user's lip shape, offering a more natural and comfortable vaping experience. The opaque pod not only looks stylish but also protects the liquid from light exposure, ensuring stability and longevity of the juice.

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