MOHO 1st Vape Device 【VapeMoho】 | Thick Smoke | 8 Colors | 3.8v


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MOHOVAPE 1st Generation Electronic Cigarette Device

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The MOHO 1st Generation device is widely recognized and celebrated in the vaping sector for its powerful performance and stylish quality.

Product Specifications:

Color Options: Deep Blue, Pink Gold, Red Black, Blue White, Blue Green, Lightning Purple, Black

The MOHO 1st Generation electronic cigarette device not only boasts outstanding performance but also stands out with its innovative design. The smart vibration alert intended to help users better control their smoking habits offers a healthier user experience. The advanced craftsmanship techniques like oxidation sandblasting and diamond cutting give the product a unique texture and luster, highlighting the user's individuality and taste.


Innovation and Technology Fusion

The MOHO 1st Generation is not just an ordinary vaping device; it represents the perfect amalgamation of innovation and technology. Equipped with a 3.8v high-capacity battery, it ensures each puff is consistently potent and satisfying.

Moreover, the design of pulling for vibration every 15 puffs not only enhances interactivity but also serves as a considerate reminder, aiding users in managing their smoking habits for a healthier lifestyle.

Manifestation of Exquisite Craftsmanship

The exterior design of the MOHO 1st Generation showcases its meticulous craftsmanship. The use of oxidation sandblasting and diamond cutting polishing techniques enhances the product's texture and gloss, reflecting exceptional quality and aesthetics.

Whether in business settings or everyday life, it acts as an extension of your style, accentuating your personal taste and sophistication.

Combination of Compatibility and Variety

The extensive compatibility of the MOHO 1st Generation allows users more freedom in their choices. It supports not only Relx Vape's original 1st generation pods but also accommodates a variety of other brands like U.S. LUX, South Korean JMG, Japanese LAMU, and more, offering a plethora of flavor choices to meet diverse user needs.

This open compatibility design effectively makes the MOHO 1st Generation a truly global product, suitable for a wide range of markets and consumer groups.

Fashionable Color Selection

The MOHO 1st Generation offers a variety of fashionable color options, from the warm Deep Blue to the chic Pink Gold, the bold Red Black, the mystical Lightning Purple, and more. Each color is carefully selected to satisfy different users' preferences for personalization.

These color choices not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the product but also represent the user’s personality and style. Choose a MOHO 1st Generation that matches your style, making it an indispensable fashion accessory in your daily life.


With its excellent performance, innovative design, wide compatibility, and fashionable color choices, the MOHO 1st Generation offers an unparalleled smoking experience.

It is more than a high-quality vaping device; it symbolizes a lifestyle attitude. Choose the MOHO 1st Generation for a stylish and quality smoking journey that starts now.

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