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RELX infinty series

RELX phantom series

RELX electronic cigarettes, founded by Fogcore Technology in 2017, quickly became popular in Hong Kong and nationwide with their innovative and easy-to-use electronic cigarettes (Vape).

In late 2019, RELX further strengthened its position in the Hong Kong Vape market by launching the new and improved RELX 4th generation - Infinity series, which addressed some common issues of the previous RELX Classic series (1st generation).

If you are looking for high-quality Vape products, RELX electronic cigarettes are your top choice. We offer the latest Vape technology to meet the needs of Vape enthusiasts in Hong Kong.

  • In the past, RELX 1st generation often faced the problem of VAPE PODs leaking oil, causing great impact and trouble to users. When most people could no longer tolerate it, Fogcore Technology finally launched the RELX Infinity series.
  • The VAPE PODs of the RELX Infinity series (4th generation) have significantly improved the previous problem of oil leakage, reducing the chance of leakage by about 90% compared to the RELX 1st generation. Although there may still be a small amount of leakage, it occurs within an acceptable range.
  • The battery life has been increased by over 70%. In the past, when using the RELX 1st generation, there were situations where users wanted to vape but suddenly ran out of battery. This was mainly because the battery indicator was not clear, and often the device would only flash when it was completely out of battery.
  • The RELX Infinity (4th generation) vape pen has added a new feature: when the battery level falls below 30%, the indicator light changes from white to red, and the red light will stay on throughout the vaping process. This is your cue to charge the device.

The RELX Phantom (5th generation) vape pen maintains the same size as the RELX Infinity (4th generation), ensuring consistency in design and user experience.

The pods for the RELX Phantom (5th generation) are compatible with those of the RELX Infinity (4th generation), with no significant differences in appearance. Both generations feature a vape pen size that is very user-friendly.

With the upgrade to the 5th generation, the draw resistance has been refined, resulting in a smoother draw with virtually no resistance, allowing for an effortless vaping experience. Additionally, the indicator light is divided into 4 horizontal lines, offering a clearer display of the battery level, where each line represents 25% of the battery power.

RELX infinty

The RELX Infinity, launched by RELX in 2019, is the latest e-cigarette model and is also known as an enhanced version of the RELX Classic (1st generation), significantly improving upon the issues encountered with the first generation.

The RELX Infinity has seen a comprehensive improvement in performance, with both the vape pen and pods being of higher quality than those of the RELX Classic.

For instance, the RELX Classic vape pens often suffered from various battery wear issues, leading to insufficient battery life and resulting in various problems, including annoying leaking issues.

However, the RELX Infinity vape pen now boasts improved battery life, reducing the need for frequent charging. While the 1st generation device might have required daily charging, the RELX Infinity device may only need charging once every 3 to 5 days.

RELX Infinity (4th Generation) Device/Product Performance Information:

- RELX Infinity (4th Generation) Device x 1
- Type-C USB Charging Cable x 1
- Classic Automatic Style
- Closed Pod/Atomizer Core
- Battery Capacity: 380mAh
- New Generation Multi-Layer Leak-Proof Design
- Honeycomb Ceramic Coil Technology
- Vibrates after 15 puffs within 10 minutes as a reminder
- Type-C USB Charging
- LED white light gradually brightens for 1.3 seconds and dims for 2.2 seconds in a continuous cycle when charging
- Flashes red light 10 times when battery is depleted
- Long bright white light when the battery is fully charged

The RELX Infinity (4th Generation) and RELX Phantom (5th Generation) Phantom series are currently the latest versions in the RELX lineup. Although the selection of pod flavors is not too extensive at the moment, with only over 20 different flavors available, the design improvements in the pods for the 4th and 5th generations have enhanced the vaping experience.

The design improvements in the pods of the RELX 4th and 5th generations have focused on the management of condensation fluid, leading to a reduction in issues related to condensation fluid solidification, thereby making the vaping experience smoother.

Moreover, the connection points of the pods have been designed to withstand higher voltages, reducing the incidence of poor connection due to overheating.

Using the RELX Infinity (4th Generation) is straightforward, with user-friendly instructions included. Simply ensure the device is sufficiently charged and insert the pod to get started. There are no unnecessary buttons or LED readouts, making it a hassle-free experience. Detailed information about this vape is available on the official RELX Hong Kong website.

Additionally, the RELX Infinity operates with an auto-draw mechanism, meaning it produces vapor when the user inhales from the mouthpiece. An LED indicator light in the middle of the device will vibrate to signal that the RELX 4th generation pod is successfully connected. The device activates and the indicator light turns on with a single puff or upon inserting a pod, indicating that the device is powered on. This ease of use makes it a popular choice among vape users in Hong Kong.

After vaping, the RELX Infinity device enters a sleep mode and can be reactivated with a simple puff, eliminating the need to frequently remember to turn it off.

The RELX Infinity 4th Generation is charged using a Type-C USB cable connected to the interface at the bottom of the battery. During use, the LED light on the device will illuminate, indicating that the vape and pod are functioning correctly. The device also features a smart control for nicotine intake, vibrating after more than 15 puffs within 10 minutes to remind the user that they are approaching the recommended nicotine intake limit. When the battery needs recharging, the device will flash red lights, signaling it's time to charge. The total charging time is approximately 45 minutes, and the LED light stays lit when charging is complete.

What does the flashing LED light of the fourth generation RELX Infinity console mean?

The reason for the LED light flashing 3 times includes:

**Over-Inhalation Protection**: If the device detects that the user's draw is too strong, it automatically activates a protection mechanism to ensure the user isn't overwhelmed by excessive vapor production. Brands like RELX have always offered high-quality vapes on our official RELX Hong Kong website.

**Over-Current Protection**: When the charging cable is forcefully pulled out or plugged in haphazardly, the device's indicator light will flash three times as a self-protection mechanism. Detailed information about this feature is available on our RELX official website.

**Battery Level Indicator**: When the device is in use and the indicator light flashes several times, it signals the user to charge the device. The total charging time is approximately 45-60 minutes. The LED light will illuminate during charging, and a continuously lit light indicates that the RELX device is fully charged. Vapes and vape pods are the choices of modern smokers.

RELX Infinity

RELX Infinity and RELX Phantom

Comparative review

With the rapid development of the e-cigarette market, RELX, as a leading brand in the industry, has been committed to launching more innovative and high-quality products. Today, we will compare and evaluate RELX 4th generation Infinity and RELX 5th generation Phantom, two products with their own characteristics, to help consumers better understand their differences and the unique value of Phantom.

Basic parameter comparison

RELX 4th generation Infinity and RELX 5th generation Phantom are not much different in basic parameters. Both provide about 400 smoking sessions. However, as a 5th generation product, Phantom has achieved a breakthrough in functional design. The most notable feature is its clear battery indicator light, which is extremely convenient for users who want to charge in time.

battery indicator

Phantom easily checks battery level

SmartPace vibration reminder

Reasonably remind users of appropriate nicotine intake

design style

From the appearance, both RELX 4th generation Infinity and RELX 5th generation Phantom maintain a minimalist and luxurious design style. But upon closer inspection, three differences can be seen: the indicator light, the height, and the bottom curve.

The circular indicator light of the RELX 4th generation Infinity is composed of eight small dots, while the indicator light of the RELX 5th generation Phantom is four parallel stripes, which is more eye-catching. Additionally, the Phantom is slightly taller than the Infinity, but the latter has a more rounded bottom, providing better holding comfort than the former.

Whether it is RELX 4th or 5th generation, they provide a variety of nicotine content options. RELX Infinity pods are available in 0%, 1.8%, 3.5% and 5% nicotine options, while RELX 5th Generation offers nicotine content options from 0% to 5%. In terms of nicotine content, the two generations of products have their own merits, and users can choose according to their own preferences.

Charging system comparison

Both the 4th and 5th generations of RELX are equipped with 380mAh batteries, and both support fast charging, which can be fully charged in just 45 minutes. However, the RELX 4th generation has a dual charging system, which can be charged through the mainstream USB-C or the RELX Infinity charging box, which surpasses the Phantom which can only be charged through USB-C.

RELX Infinity and Phantom differ in charging indicator design and battery reminder. When the RELX Infinity indicator light flashes red for 1-2 seconds, it means the battery power is below 30%. The battery reminder of RELX Phantom is more intuitive. Each bar represents 25% of the battery. When all 4 bar indicators light up, it means the battery is full. Therefore, in terms of battery indicator, RELX 5th generation Phantom provides a more convenient experience.

Leak prevention technology comparison

RELX Infinity and Phantom All adopt excellent leak-proof technology. The smart labyrinth structure ensures the correct flow of e-liquid to the atomizer, preventing any possible spillage. However, RELX Infinity’s leak-proof technology goes even further, winning the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

smoke comparison

Compared to the Phantom, the RELX Infinity has put more thought into its vapor production. The RELX Labs research and development team conducted 76 sensory tests and adjustments, utilizing Air Boost and Active-steam Pro technologies to create a smooth, dense, and rich vapor, bringing users the unique RELX flavor. Each puff generates 6-7.5mg of vapor weight, greatly satisfying users seeking a rich vapor experience. Therefore, in the comparison between RELX Infinity and Phantom, the former is undoubtedly the winner in terms of vapor production.

It seems there's a bit of confusion in the details provided. RELX, as known today, is a leading developer in the e-cigarette industry, recognized for its innovative vaping devices and pods. The company indeed operates globally, serving customers in over 180 countries and has expanded its business to 40 countries. However, the historical details about its founding in 1993, the merger between Reed International and Elsevier, and the involvement of Erik Engström seem to be inaccurately attributed to RELX's backstory.

This mix-up might refer to the history of the RELX Group, a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers, which has no direct relation to the RELX electronic cigarette brand. The RELX e-cigarette brand is focused on offering a safer alternative to traditional tobacco smoking through its innovative vaping products, with an emphasis on reducing the harmful impacts associated with tobacco use.

RELX e-cigarettes are known for their cutting-edge design and excellent performance, offering a variety of products on the official RELX Hong Kong website, including vape pods and devices. The brand is committed to providing an enjoyable nicotine experience while minimizing the health risks of traditional smoking, marking a significant step forward in the vaping market.

The RELX Phantom (5th generation) shares a similar appearance with the RELX Infinity (4th generation), but its most significant difference lies in the texture of the exterior. The Phantom's surface feels much smoother and more comfortable to the touch compared to both the first and fourth generations, giving it a more premium feel overall. Vaping, including e-cigarettes, has become increasingly popular, with RELX Hong Kong playing a significant role in this trend.

The RELX Phantom can be fully charged in about 45 minutes, and the LED indicator light stays white when it's fully charged. To preserve battery life and performance, it's advised not to charge it overnight or use fast-charging cables, though the device itself is considered a consumable item, and some customers may not be overly concerned about this.

The draw resistance of the RELX Phantom can be adjusted for a larger vapor production and a more intense flavor by covering one of the small holes next to the pod. RELX pods offer a variety of flavor choices, catering to different preferences.

Proper maintenance

The RELX Phantom (5th generation) vape device enhances the texture and taste of the pods, mimicking the experience of traditional tobacco smoking—drawing the vapor into the mouth first before inhaling it into the lungs to savor the most authentic and rich flavor. It's recommended not to inhale too quickly; taking small, slow drags allows the pod to vaporize fully, enhancing the flavor.

Our store advises that a pod should not be used for more than 7 days. If used beyond this period, keep the pod's plug and reseal it to maintain the best flavor. If inhaling doesn't feel as smooth and comfortable as usual, remove the pod and shake it, as there might be condensation. Additionally, clean the metal electrodes on the pod and device with a cotton swab to ensure good contact. If you notice a mix of flavors when switching pods, clean the device's inner metal shell with a bit of alcohol on a cotton swab, ventilate it or blow through it to remove any lingering taste. Always keep the device upright when using it, a slight tilt is okay, but don't overdo it. There's no need to check it in when flying; you can bring it on the plane with you.

Properly store your device to avoid exposure to direct sunlight and impacts. If a drop significantly affects the flavor, consider replacing the device. It's also crucial to protect the connection between the pod and the device, especially in hot weather combined with glycerin's water absorption—ensure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water while vaping.

The RELX 5th generation has an LED with four bars, each bar representing 25% of the battery level. If it shows two bars, it means there is 50% battery remaining.

The flashing red LED light indicates two main issues. First, a flashing red light means the battery is depleted and needs to be charged. Second, if the red light flashes, it could signify that the pod is not making proper contact. In this case, try replacing the pod with a new one to see if that resolves the issue. If it doesn’t, the next step is to clean the device. If the problem still persists, please reach out to our customer service for assistance!

The RELX 5th generation will vibrate after every 15 puffs. The purpose of the vibration is to remind the user that they have taken many puffs and it’s time to take a break.

The RELX 5th generation is designed to provide a smooth vaping experience, similar to inhaling air. As a result, it may feel less intense when vaping, but this does not mean it is defective.

If you prefer a stronger flavor and a more substantial vaping sensation, you can try covering the air inlet on the side of the device with your finger, which will make the flavor more concentrated and the vaping experience more solid.

RELX Pro2 Zeus


Three-speed power adjustment

You can choose energy-saving mode, smooth mode or enhanced mode to enjoy different intensity smoking experiences.


Smart LED indicator light

Clearly displays the current battery level and power mode, allowing users to keep track of the device status at any time


minute fast charging technology

It only takes 27 minutes to fully charge, greatly improving convenience of use.

RELX Pro2 Zeus
Leading the journey of e-cigarette innovation

In today's ever-growing e-cigarette market, RELX has consistently been at the forefront of innovation. The newly launched RELX 6th Generation Pro2 Zeus is not just a product; it represents a perfect fusion of technology and aesthetics.

This article will delve into the unique aspects of this e-cigarette and explore how it offers users an unparalleled smoking experience.

Use experience​

The RELX 6th generation Pro2 Zeus adopts the latest electronic cigarette technology, featuring a more powerful battery, faster charging speed, and smarter power adjustment functions.

In addition, its appearance is very attractive, offering a variety of color options to meet the personalized needs of different users.

The user experience of the RELX 6th generation Pro2 Zeus is undoubtedly one of its biggest selling points. From the gentle energy-saving mode to the rich enhanced mode, each puff provides a different sense of satisfaction.

Moreover, its battery life and compatibility allow users to enjoy a worry-free long-lasting vaping experience

product description

  • 1 x Infinity 2 vape device
  • 1 x USB Type-C
  • 1 x manual

Technical specifications

  • battery:440mAh
  • Charging time:27 minute
  • Charger type:USB Type C
  • Sprayer material: cotton/ceramic
  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Applicable to RELX pod:Infinity Pod and Infinity 2 Pod

Three-level power adjustment, simple one-button switching

Easily switch between three power modes
Personalize your smoking intensity.

Energy saving mode (5.5W)

Inhale gently, save battery, up to 65% of inhalation volume.

Smooth mode (6.5W)

Super smooth and familiar taste, a no-brainer.

Enhanced mode (8W)

15% more smoke volume than smooth mode.

Smart LED indicator light

The battery indicator light lets you know the battery status at any time.

🟢green light

Energy saving mode (5.5W)

🔵blue light

Smooth mode (6.5W)

🟣purple light

Enhanced mode (8W)

Other features

  • compatibility:
    Compatible with Infinity Pods and Infinity 2 Pods.。
  • Selection of color:
    Available in a variety of elegant color options.
  • Battery indicator:
    Know your battery level at all times.
  • Easy mode switching:
    Easily switch modes by LED light color.
  • SmartPace
    Provide a safer smoking experience.

The latest version of RELX is the RELX 6th Generation Pro2 Zeus, which is the sixth generation product in the RELX product line.

The RELX 6th generation Pro2 Zeus cartridge provides 300 to 600 puffs, depending on the e-liquid capacity and the user’s smoking habits. This is equivalent to about 3 packs of cigarettes.

Depending on your usage, RELX 6th Gen Pro2 Zeus can last 2-4 days or longer. With approximately 100 inhalations per day, a 2ml pod will last 2-3 days.

The RELX 6th generation Pro2 Zeus electronic cigarette has an improved battery, faster charging speed, battery indicator light, and adjustable power settings. These features are not available in the original RELX Infinity/Phantom.

To buy RELX 6th Generation Pro2 Zeus vape in Hong Kong, please choose our online store HY VAPE. We are an official retailer offering authentic RELX Vape and excellent customer service. Choose us and enjoy an upgraded smoking experience.


VAPE Maintenance and Frequently Asked Questions

How to properly maintain your VAPE?
  • Clean the outer shell of your VAPE regularly and wipe it gently with a soft cloth.
  • Avoid exposing your VAPE to extreme temperatures or moisture.
  • Check the charging port and pod interface regularly to make sure there is no dust or foreign matter blocking it.
  • Use original chargers and accessories for charging.
What should I do if my VAPE leaks oil?
  • Check whether the pod is installed correctly and make sure the sealing ring is intact.
  • Avoid leaving the VAPE upside down or on its side for long periods of time.
  • Reduce frequent and vigorous inhalations to avoid excessive internal pressure.
  • If the problem persists, it is recommended to replace it with a new pod or contact customer service.
What should I do if my VAPE cannot be charged?
  • Check the charging cable and charging port for damage or foreign objects.
  • Try using another charger or charging cable.
  • Make sure the Vape switch is on.
  • If the problem persists, you may need to contact customer service for repair or replacement.
What should I do if the amount of smoke emitted by VAPE decreases?
  • Check whether the POD is exhausted or has poor contact.
  • Clean the suction port of the VAPE to ensure smooth air circulation.
  • Try adjusting your vape's power settings (if you have this feature).
  • If the amount of smoke is still reduced, it may be necessary to replace the POD or repair the VAPE.
What should I do if there is a strange smell in the hood?
  • Check if the pod is expired or damaged, and try replacing it with a new one.
  • Clean the vaping device's inhalation port and internal components.
  • Try using pods with different flavors to see if the issue is specific to a certain flavor.
  • If the strange taste persists, it is recommended to stop using the device and contact customer service.