GRID 1st Pod 【MEGA】 | Compatible with RELX 1 Vape | 48 Flavors


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From the Japanese brand: GRID Vape Pods | Manufactured in the same factory as MEGA VAPE

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The Japanese brand GRID Vape Pods is known in the e-cigarette field for its exceptional quality and a wide range of flavors.

Product Specifications: :

Variety of Flavors:

Iced Watermelon | Honeydew | Kiwi | Yuzu Tea | Orange Ice | Peach | Oolong Tea | Passion Fruit | Classic Tobacco | Jasmine Dragon Well | Strawberry Milk | Lychee | Pineapple | Grape Ice | Mint | Blueberry | Melon Soy Milk | Grapefruit | Awakening Ice Spring | Mixed Fruit Punch | Fragrant Green Grape | Taro Ice Cream | Tieguanyin

GRID Vape Pods have quickly become a focal point of discussion in the e-cigarette market with their distinctive style and outstanding flavor quality. This innovative product from Japan is favored for its exquisite design and unmatched pursuit of flavor details, making it the top choice among e-cigarette enthusiasts.

Vape Pods Manufactured in the Same Factory as MEGA VAPE

GRID Vape Pods, being manufactured in the same factory as MEGA VAPE, means you can expect the same high-quality flavors and performance. Both are large-capacity pods, with each pod holding up to 8.3ml, providing a long-lasting vaping experience. A box contains 3 pods, fully satisfying your daily usage needs. With approximately 1320 puffs per pod, you can enjoy every puff for a long time without frequently replacing the pod. GRID Vape Pods also have an excellent nicotine content of 3% per pod, meeting the needs of smokers and allowing you to enjoy a purer taste while vaping.

Mint Sensation

GRID Vape Pods offer a variety of flavors, including mint, which is also a characteristic of the pods manufactured in the same factory as MEGA VAPE. Although the mint flavor is subtle, it still brings a cool sensation, providing a touch of freshness. This flavor is suitable for those who prefer a refreshing feeling, making it a great choice for cooling off in the summer or for everyday life.

Popular Flavors

GRID Vape Pods offer up to 23 flavors, some of which are particularly popular. For example, the Tieguanyin flavor has a fresh tea aroma and sweet taste, offering a high degree of authenticity and giving you the feeling of being in a tea garden. Another popular flavor is Jasmine Dragon Well, which has a rich tea aroma, allowing you to taste the original flavor of the tea leaves and bringing a comforting feeling. These popular flavors are a significant feature of GRID Vape Pods, attracting many smokers.

Wide Compatibility with E-cigarette Models

If you are a user of RELX or MEGA VAPE, then GRID Vape Pods are the best choice for you. They match perfectly, providing the best vaping experience. The design of GRID Vape Pods perfectly fits with RELX and MEGA VAPE, ensuring full performance in both taste and function. Therefore, if you are a user of RELX or MEGA VAPE, consider trying GRID Vape Pods to elevate your vaping experience.

GRID Vape Pods are designed with compatibility in mind for the mainstream e-cigarette models on the market. From RELX’s 1st generation original e-cigarette to TROY, LANAVAPE, and VAPEMOHO’s 1st generation universal e-cigarettes, GRID Vape Pods ensure perfect compatibility. In summary, whether you are new to e-cigarettes or an experienced enthusiast, you can find a satisfying choice in GRID's product line, enjoying a high-quality, personalized vaping experience.

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