Troy 5th Vape Device 【TROY PODS KIT】 | Large/Small volume | 5 Colors | 3.2v


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Troy 5th Generation Electronic Cigarette Device

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The Troy 5th Generation device is widely recognized and appreciated in the electronic cigarette industry for its advanced and high-quality products.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Troy 5th Generation Vape Device
  • Voltage Adjustment: Standard mode at 2.9v, Boost mode at 3.2v with red light.
  • Battery Indicator: 20%-100% shows white light, 0%-20% shows blue light.
  • Innovative Operation: Double puff within 0.5 seconds or plug and unplug the pod twice consecutively to switch modes.
  • Dynamic LED: Standard mode features a bottom-to-top tidal LED effect, Boost mode features a top-to-bottom tidal LED effect.
  • Intelligent Alerts: Flashing lights when charging and vibration every 15 puffs as a usage reminder.
  • Charging Method: Type-C charging.
  • Compatibility:

Multiple Colors: White, Blue-White, Pink Gold, Purple, Black

The TROY 5th Generation electronic cigarette device brings an unprecedented smoking experience with its innovative features and unique design. The voltage adjustments for Standard and Boost modes cater to different user needs. Dynamic LED lighting adds a technological and fun aspect, turning each vaping session into a visual delight.


Broad Compatibility

The TROY 5th Generation vape device's extensive compatibility gives users the freedom to choose. It supports not only Relx's original 4th generation pods but also Mega 5th, Lana 4th, and Japanese Lamu 5th generation pods. This variety of flavors and brands enriches your flavor choices even further.

Personalized Appearance

The TROY 5th Generation vape device offers a range of colors, from classic white and black to trendy pink gold and purple, as well as the unique blue-white. Each color represents different styles and personalities. Choose a device that matches your style and stands out in the crowd.

Intelligent Alert Features

The TROY 5th Generation also incorporates intelligent alert features, including flashing lights during charging and a vibration reminder every 15 puffs. These thoughtful designs not only enhance convenience but also help users better control their intake, avoiding excessive usage.


With its innovative features, broad compatibility, and personalized appearance, the TROY 5th Generation has become a new favorite on the market.

Whether you are a pioneer seeking technological innovation or an enthusiast looking for a diverse flavor experience, the TROY 5th Generation meets your needs. Choose the TROY 5th Generation and embark on a new era of vaping!

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