PINO 1st Pod 【JAPAN BRAND】 | Compatible with RELX 1 Vape | Little Mint | 22 Flavors


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Japan's PINO Vape Pods

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Japanese brand PINO vape pods are a highly cost-effective brand with a high degree of fruit flavor restoration and a gentle taste, making them worth a try.

Product Specifications: 

22 Flavors:

Grapefruit | Longjing Tea | Taro Ice Cream | Pineapple | Cola Ice | Classic Tobacco | Lychee | Coffee | Mint | Passion Fruit | Mung Bean Sand with Iced Sugar | Chilled Watermelon | Strawberry Ice | Apple | Green Grape | Snow Pear | Sprite | Bursting Mint | Mango | Coconut | Kiwi | Jasmine Milk Tea

PINO vape pods, a well-known Japanese e-cigarette brand, are famed for their unique transparent pods and high-quality vape juices. Employing original Japanese imported vape juice and advanced ceramic heating technology, PINO vape pods deliver a pure and rich taste.

Pino 1st Gen Universal Vape Pods - Diverse flavors for use with 1st generation vape devices

Quality in Detail: The Craftsmanship and Innovation of PINO

PINO vape pods/e-cigarettes are innovative products, setting a benchmark in the industry. From material selection to production, each step undergoes strict quality control. The vape juice, directly imported from Japan, ensures a pure and authentic taste.

Moreover, the ceramic heating technology used by PINO pods ensures even heating of the vapor and a delicate mouthfeel, allowing users to enjoy the convenience and comfort technology brings while savoring the smoke.

Each flavor of PINO vape pods is carefully selected from natural fruits and spices. This commitment to purity ensures that each puff is filled with natural aromas and layers.

Whether it's the first puff in the morning or a relaxing moment after a busy day, PINO vape pods provide a special comfort and enjoyment to the user.

PINO vape pods are not just products; they are carriers of culture and emotion. Each flavor has its own story, perhaps a memory of a place or a moment in time.

These stories, combined with the flavors, allow users to experience deeper emotional resonance while enjoying the smoke.

Innovation and Tradition: The Future Direction of PINO Vape Pods

While continuously pursuing innovation, PINO vape pods also strive to inherit and develop the culture of e-cigarettes. They are not just offering products but are becoming a healthy, stylish lifestyle choice.

In the future, PINO vape pods will continue to explore more possibilities, constantly optimizing products to offer more user-friendly and eco-friendly choices, enabling every e-cigarette user to find their own flavor preference.

With the global increase in environmental awareness, PINO vape pods are actively exploring how to integrate environmental concepts into their products.

From selecting packaging materials to recycling products, PINO vape pods are working to reduce their environmental impact, making each flavor not just a taste enjoyment but also a connection of emotions and memories.

With a wide variety of flavors and exceptional quality, PINO vape pods offer a new platform for e-cigarette experiences. Let's delve deeper into the unique features of PINO vape pods and the distinct vaping experience they bring.

The advanced ceramic heating technology used by PINO vape pods ensures the purity and richness of the taste. This technology evenly heats the vape juice, effectively reducing the production of burnt taste, making every puff a pure delight.

Furthermore, the vape juice used in PINO vape pods is directly imported from Japan, ensuring top-quality, pure, and safe vapor, free from harmful substances, allowing users to enjoy each puff with peace of mind.

Another highlight of PINO vape pods is their revolutionary transparent pod design. This design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also allows users to directly see the amount of vape juice left, making it convenient to know when to refill and avoiding awkward moments when the juice runs out.

The transparent pods, combined with the unique glow effect, are especially eye-catching when used at night, adding fun and a sense of technology to the use.

PINO vape pods feature a magnetic connection design, greatly enhancing convenience. Smokers simply need to insert the pod lightly, and it will be securely connected to the e-cigarette, without worrying about it being loose or falling off.

This plug-and-play design not only makes using the product more convenient but also improves the overall user experience and satisfaction.

PINO vape pods offer a rich selection of flavors, from classic tobacco to fresh mint, from sweet lychee to sour grapefruit, catering to all tastes.

This wide selection not only satisfies the taste needs of general users but also allows others to choose the appropriate flavor based on mood and occasion, enjoying a personalized vaping experience.

Whether it's a break during work or sharing with friends at a gathering, PINO vape pods add a lot of fun to every moment.


The design and technology of PINO vape pods reflect a pursuit of detail and a commitment to quality. The transparent pod design not only looks good but also adds fun to use; the innovative magnetic connection greatly enhances the convenience of the product.

These details make PINO vape pods not just a product but a recommended lifestyle.

As the e-cigarette market continues to develop and user demands become more diverse, PINO vape pods, with their brand strength, continue to explore and innovate, aiming to offer users more choices and better experiences.

They represent not just a pursuit of quality of life but also a way of expressing freedom and individuality. In the world of PINO vape pods, every puff is not only a taste enjoyment but also an affirmation of life's attitude and self-identity.

In summary, PINO vape pods not only provide a high-quality e-cigarette experience but also encourage users to explore, experience, and enjoy every moment of life through their product diversity and innovation.

In this rapidly changing world, let us embrace every pure and satisfying moment brought by PINO vape pods, feeling the beauty of life with all our hearts.

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