LANA 5th Pod 【Transparent Pod】 | Compatible with RELX 4/5/6 Vape | Extreme Mint | 14 Flavors


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Mint Plus: LANA 5th Generation Vape Pods

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The LANA 5th Generation Vape Pods have gained widespread attention in the e-cigarette field for their innovative and quality products.

Product Specifications: 

Variety of Flavors:

Strawberry Watermelon | Watermelon | Tieguanyin | Berries | Strawberry Milk | Red Bull | Lychee | Mango Milk | Taro Ice Cream | Grape | Peach Banana Grapefruit | Passion Fruit | Sea Salt Lemon | Blueberry

The LANA 5th Generation Vape Pods stand out in the e-cigarette market with their easy-to-replace design. Replacing vape pods has become simple and convenient, without the worry of leaking or dripping. Each pod undergoes strict quality control and testing to ensure safety and satisfaction during the smoking process.

LANA 4代煙彈

The Brilliant Light of LANA 5th Generation Vape Pods

LANA 5th Generation Vape Pods are known for their unique glowing design. During the smoking process, these vape pods emit a soft glow, adding a unique visual enjoyment to the vaping experience. As you inhale, the soft light swiftly twinkles inside the vape pod, as beautiful as the stars in the night sky. This unique glowing effect not only brings visual pleasure but also makes the entire smoking process mystical and enchanting. Smoking is no longer just about smoking; it's a magical visual feast, allowing you to experience unprecedented wonders amidst the smoke.

Ice-Cool Mint, An Oral Adventure

The LANA 5th Generation Vape Pods are known for their cool sensation, especially the mint flavor. Each puff brings an ice-cool oral adventure, feeling the refreshing coolness. Compared to previous generations, this vape pod has a richer flavor and more depth, allowing you to fully experience the cool taste of mint. Whether on a hot summer day or in a stuffy office, the cool sensation of LANA 5th Generation Vape Pods provides a refreshing and comfortable enjoyment.

The Classic Choice, Tieguanyin

The LANA 5th Generation Vape Pods offer a wide range of rich flavors, with Tieguanyin being one of the most popular. The rich tea aroma and light floral scent of Tieguanyin, with a smooth and sweet aftertaste, not only allows you to enjoy the thick aroma of tea but also the freshness and comfort of tea leaves. Each puff of the Tieguanyin flavor vape pod is a classic choice, letting you taste the fragrance and flavor of tea as if you were in a tea garden.

Diverse Compatibility, Perfectly Matching Your E-cigarette

LANA 5th Generation Vape Pods are compatible with RELX 4th generation original e-cigarette, 5th generation Phantom e-cigarette, 6th generation original e-cigarette, MEGA VAPEZ 5th generation universal e-cigarette, and TROY 5th generation universal e-cigarette, making them a top choice for many users. No matter which e-cigarette model you use, you can easily match it with LANA 5th Generation Vape Pods to enjoy the highest quality vaping experience.

This diversity and compatibility offer more choices and convenience to users, allowing them to select according to their preferences and needs for the most enjoyable vaping experience.

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