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FOUNS Tiger Disposable Vape | 6000 PUFFS


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Tiger disposable electronic cigarette (Tiger) (Tiger) (6000) (TigerFour s)

Features of TigerFour S disposable e-cigarette

Looks and Style: One of the most striking features of the TigerFour S is its unique exterior design. This disposable e-cigarette is famous for its tiger image, a bold design that makes it stand out in a crowded market. Not only that, this look also demonstrates the brand’s confidence and independence, attracting a group of consumers who are looking for something different.

Disposable Design: TigerFour S is a disposable e-cigarette, which means there are no batteries to recharge or replace. Easy to use, no need to worry about charging or maintenance, just open the package and enjoy.


Multiple flavor options:

TigerFour S provides a variety of flavor options to meet the taste needs of the majority of smokers. From classic tobacco flavors to mouth-watering fruit and dessert flavors, each flavor is carefully blended to give you a unique smoking experience. Whether you prefer a strong tobacco flavor or a refreshing fruity taste, Tiger Four S can meet your expectations and provide you with a variety and richness of smoking experience.


High-quality e-liquid:

TigerFour S is not only unique in appearance, but also never compromises on quality. They manufacture each e-cigarette with high-quality e-liquids and materials, ensuring that smokers can enjoy the purest and most satisfying smoking experience. Every detail of the product undergoes strict quality control to ensure safety and reliability, so that users can use it with confidence.


Safe and edible:

Tiger Four S adheres to safety first and uses its product logo as 100% safe and edible. We strictly control the ingredients of e-cigarette liquid and eliminate harmful heavy metals and harmful substances. This means that when you choose Tiger Four S, you not only enjoy a high-quality smoking experience, but you also have the peace of mind knowing that we are committed to providing you with the safest smoking options, keeping your health and satisfaction first.

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