RELX 1st Vape Device 【Classic】 | Small Smoke | 9 Colors | 1.8v


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RELX 1st Generation Vape Device

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The RELX 1st Generation device is widely recognized in the e-cigarette field for its originality and high-quality products.

Product Specifications: Brand: RELX 1st Generation Vape Pen Voltage: 1.8v Battery Indicator: Flashes white 3 times when battery is depleted, automatically turns off when fully charged. Compatibility:

Color Options:

  • Light blue, gradient pink, gradient purple, gradient gold, white, pink, red, classic blue, blue and white, silver, black

The RELX 1st Generation Vape Device is not only known for its stylish appearance and multiple color options but also for its excellent compatibility. It can accommodate a variety of brand-specific 1st generation pods, providing users with more choices for a diverse and enriching vaping experience.

Technological Innovation

The RELX 1st Generation Vape Device is equipped with advanced electronic technology, offering a stable and satisfying vaping experience. Its 1.8v voltage setting not only ensures a rich vapor flavor but also guarantees overall safety during use.

An intelligent battery management system allows you to constantly monitor the battery status, preventing sudden shutdowns due to low battery, thus ensuring a worry-free use.

Broad Compatibility

A major highlight of the RELX 1st Generation is its outstanding compatibility. It supports various brands' 1st generation pods, including RELX Vape original pods, U.S. LUX universal pods, and South Korean JMG universal pods.

This means users can choose different brands of pods according to their taste preferences, enjoying a more varied vaping experience.

Personalized Choices

The RELX 1st Generation Vape Device offers a range of color options, including light blue, gradient pink, gradient purple, gradient gold, white, pink, red, classic blue, blue and white, silver, and black.

Each color has its unique charm, allowing users to choose the perfect device that matches their style and occasion. Whether it's for business events or casual moments, there's a suitable RELX 1st Generation Vape Device for everyone.

User Experience

The user experience with the RELX 1st Generation Vape Device is exceptional. Its design balances aesthetics with practicality, not only being visually appealing but also comfortable to hold and easy to operate.

The device produces vapor quickly and consistently, meeting high standards for a vaping experience. Additionally, its portability is a significant advantage, allowing you to easily carry it and enjoy vaping anytime, anywhere.


The RELX 1st Generation Vape Device stands out in the market with its superior performance, broad compatibility, and personalized color choices. It is not just a stylish vaping device but also a reflection of a lifestyle. Choose the RELX 1st Generation and embark on an exciting vaping journey.

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