Relx 1 Classic Vape Macine (1.8v)(Low Vapor Output)


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Relx first generation electronic cigarette host (Relx classic) (1.8v electricity) (small cigarette volume)

Relx first-generation electronic cigarette host is a stylish and high-performance electronic cigarette device with a variety of attractive features, providing users with an excellent smoking experience.
First, let’s talk about the design of the Relx first-generation electronic cigarette host. It offers 11 different color options so that every user can find their favorite style. The design of the RELX cigarette rod is short and lightweight, making it very convenient to carry, whether it is placed in a pocket or a handbag. There is a warning light in the middle of the fuselage, which can issue a warning when the cartridge is exhausted, the device is overheated, or there is a potential danger, providing additional safety protection. This design is very considerate and allows users to know the status of the device at all times.   The combination of Relx first-generation electronic cigarette host and cartridges is also very clever. It uses embedded magnetic technology to make the connection between the cigarette rod and the cigarette cartridge stronger. There are 4 magnets at the bottom of the cigarette rod and the cigarette cartridge. These magnets can ensure a stable connection between the two. At the same time, the air pressure sensor switch is also used to realize the plug-and-play function.   Precautions:
Due to the use of compact electronic originals, please place them carefully to prevent damage.
Please make sure not to get wet during use to avoid damage to the machine.
Product Specifications:
Battery capacity: 2.0mL
Charging time: 45-60 minutes
Number of ports available in full power state: 250~300 ports
Tobacco stick machine weight: 17g
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