MEGA Vape Machine - RELX Products Overview


Background of Mega Vape Machine

The electronic cigarette industry in Hong Kong is evolving rapidly, and finding the right vape products can be a challenge. This is where Mega comes into play. The Mega brand has established itself as a reliable name in the electronic cigarette industry, known for its high-quality offerings and exceptional performance. With a reputation for delivering superior taste and an enjoyable vaping experience, Mega has earned the trust and loyalty of consumers.

Among its impressive lineup, the Mega 5th generation electronic vape machine stands out as a high-end product that embodies Mega’s commitment to excellence. This cutting-edge device has garnered widespread recognition and received praise in the market for its quality and performance.

Features of the Mega Vape Machine

In the bustling streets of Hong Kong, vaping has become a prominent and appealing alternative to traditional smoking. The diverse array of vape products available today offers an array of choices, and finding the perfect vape solution can be quite the quest. That’s where advanced technology steps in.

Introducing a new era in vaping, it incorporates advanced non-combustion technology, providing an experience akin to the satisfying aroma of smoke without the drawbacks associated with traditional cigarettes. Issues like secondhand smoke become a thing of the past, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone.

In the fast-paced life of Hong Kong, convenience is key. This vape innovation boasts a long-lasting battery, allowing you to enjoy your vaping sessions without frequent interruptions. Additionally, its fast-charging functionality ensures that recharging is quick and hassle-free, keeping you powered up and ready to go.

How to Use the Mega Vape Machine

Adjustable Vapor Size

Large vapor mode: Take two puffs within 0.5 seconds; the main unit will vibrate and change to a purple light to indicate💜.

Small vapor mode: Simply remove and reinsert the vape cartridge; it will vibrate and change to a white light to indicate🤍.

Check Battery Level

Tap the main unit’s light area twice to check the battery level.
💚 Green light: Above 70% battery
💙 Blue light: 30-70% battery
❤️ Red light: Below 20% batter

MEGA VAPEZ Vape Machine (Compatible with RELX 1 Classic pods) (Adjustable Vapor Output)(2.9v/3.2v)



MEGA VAPEZ first generation electronic cigarette host – general purpose (large/fine cigarette volume) (2.9v/3.2v)

 Relx generic brand Product Name: MEGA VAPEZModel: M1Battery capacity: 380mAhMaximum charging current: 1ACharging interface: Type-CTobacco rod material: aluminum alloyOverall weight: 19gAtomizer rod size: 90*21*21MM3.7V/350MAHCharging time: 40 minutesOutput power: 6.5-7.5WInput voltage: 5V Working mode: constant voltage 3.2V output display mode;Green light: more than 70% batteryYellow light: 30-70% batteryRed light: below 30% batteryPurple Light: Surging Mode Products include:Mega host*1Type-C charging cable*1User Manual*1Lanyard*1  Mega Vapez uses dual-mode design to make users feel different when they smoke different flavors or brandsThe hood has a large power of 380mah, and users do not need to worry about the long-term power shortage problem.The suction resistance of the hood is relatively small, making the inhalation process more silkyDefinitely the first choice for users The host can use the following pods: Relx original pods (14 flavors)American LUX generation universal pod (22 flavors)Korea JMG Generic Pod (12 flavors)Japan Pino generation general-purpose pod (21 flavors)China Lana Generation Generic Cartridge (36 flavors)Huanxi General Purpose Cartridge (52 flavors) 

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