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RELX VEEX Vape Device (Compativle with RELX 1 Classic Pods)


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VEEX 1st Generation Vape Device

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The VEEX 1st Generation device is highly regarded in the e-cigarette market for its high power and durable quality.

Product Name: VEEX V1 Vape Device Model: V1 Battery Capacity: 380mAh Maximum Charging Current: 1A Charging Interface: Type-C Device Material: Aluminum Alloy Device Weight: 19g Vaporizer Dimensions: 902121MM Charging Time: 40 minutes Output Power: 6.5-7.5W Input Voltage: 5V Working Mode: Constant Voltage 3.2V Output Display Mode: Green Light: Over 70% battery; Yellow Light: 30-70% battery; Red Light: Below 30% battery; Purple Light: Surge Mode Product Includes: VEEX Main Unit *1, Type-C Charging Cable *1, User Manual *1

💁🏻‍♀️Higher Battery Capacity Smoking Indication Through Light Colors: 🤍White Light: 100%-20% battery ❤️Red Light: Below 20% battery

💁🏻‍♀️Charging Display While Charging: Red light breathing mode when charging Fully Charged: White light stays solid, does not blink

Compatible with the following pods:

Intelligent Temperature Control: The heating element maintains an optimal temperature of 230°C. Every 10 puffs, the VEEX device vibrates to remind the user. Thanks to the constant voltage smart chip technology, the flavor remains stable, consistently producing thick vapor. It features a five-layer anti-leak structure, which seldom experiences pod leakage, reducing the need for users to clean the device and maintain the pods.


VEEX Vape Device - Pursuing an Excellent Vaping Experience

The VEEX V1 vape device is a leader in the e-cigarette industry, bringing several impressive features that enhance the user's vaping experience. Here’s a detailed introduction to the VEEX V1 vape device:

High Capacity

The VEEX V1 vape device boasts a powerful 380mAh battery, ensuring that users don't have to worry about running out of power during prolonged use. A single charge can support a full day's use, making it an ideal choice for daily portability. Enjoy a high-quality vaping experience anytime, anywhere, without the hassle of frequent recharging.

Superior Draw Resistance

Compared to other brands, the VEEX V1 vape device offers less draw resistance, making the pod intake smoother. This means you can enjoy a soft and sustained vaping experience effortlessly. The VEEX V1 not only delivers an outstanding vaping sensation but also ensures the efficiency and performance of the pods.

Smart Control

The VEEX V1 vape device features intelligent temperature control that consistently maintains the optimal temperature at 230°C. Every 10 puffs, the device vibrates as a reminder, ensuring consistency and quality in every inhalation. Equipped with a constant pressure smart chip, the VEEX V1 provides stable and continuous vapor production, ensuring that each vaping session is as satisfying as expected.

Anti-Leak Structure

The VEEX V1 vape device is designed with a five-layer anti-leak structure, making pod leakage a rare issue. This not only keeps the device clean but also minimizes the need for users to clean the device and maintain the pods. This convenience allows users to enjoy an exceptional vaping experience with ease.

In summary, the VEEX V1 vape device is a trendsetter with its excellent performance, smart control, and multifunctionality, making it a standout product among e-cigarettes. Whether you are a novice or an experienced vaper, the VEEX V1 meets your demands for an exceptional vaping experience. Take the opportunity to experience the unique advantages and enjoyment offered by the VEEX V1 vape device!

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