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VEEX Vape Machine(Compativle with RELX 1 Classic Pods)(3 Colours)


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VEEX Vick hood (RELX generation universal hood) (large hood) (3 colors)


VEEX V1 cigarette machine is an excellent product that leads the e-cigarette industry. It brings many amazing features, allowing users to enjoy an excellent smoking experience. The following is a detailed introduction to the VEEX hood:

Large battery:

The VEEX V1 hood has a powerful 380mAh battery, which means users don’t have to worry about running out of power during long-term use. A single charge is enough to last a full day of use, making it ideal for everyday portability. You can enjoy a high-quality e-cigarette experience anytime and anywhere without worrying about batteries.

Superior suction resistance:

Compared with other brands of cigarette machines, the VEEX V1 cigarette machine has smaller suction resistance and the inhalation process of the cigarette cartridge is smoother. This means you can easily enjoy a gentle and long-lasting smoking experience without having to strain. VEEX cigarette machine not only provides an excellent smoking experience, but also ensures the effectiveness and performance of the cigarette cartridge.


intelligent control:

VEEX V1 hood has an intelligent temperature control function, which can stably maintain the optimal temperature of 230°C. After every 10 puffs, the cigarette will vibrate to remind the user to ensure the consistency and quality of smoking. The VEEX cigarette machine equipped with a constant voltage technology smart chip can stably maintain a consistent smoking taste while continuing to emit dense smoke. This ensures that every puff will be as great as you expect.


Oil leakage prevention structure:

VEEX V1 hood has a five-layer anti-leakage structure, which means that there is rarely a problem of oil leakage from the cigarette cartridge. This not only keeps the hood clean, but also reduces the need for users to clean the hood and cartridges. This convenience makes it easier for users to enjoy an excellent e-cigarette experience.


In short, the VEEX V1 cigarette machine is a trend-setting product. Its excellent performance, intelligent control and versatility make it the best among many electronic cigarettes. Whether you are a novice or an experienced smoker, VEEX smoke machines can satisfy your desire for an excellent smoking experience. Please seize the opportunity to experience the unique advantages and fun brought by VEEX hood!


Veex uses a dual-mode design to make users feel different when they smoke different flavors or different brands, and users with a large battery of 380mah do not have to worry about the problem of long-term power shortage. The suction resistance of the hood is relatively small, making the inhalation process smoother Definitely the first choice for users!!!
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