RELX Vape Pods (Compatible with RELX 1)

RELX Unleash Your Taste Buds

RELX promises to be the perfect sensory feast, an extraordinary experience that tantalizes your every taste bud. Every inhalation sets off a flavor explosion, leading to an incredible exhalation. With over 20 different flavors, from classics to new sensations, aims to elevate your taste bud experience. Explore a never-ending array of flavors, add an element of playfulness, and embark on a unique journey through your taste buds.

For those tired of the same old tobacco or mint and fruit flavors, offers a diverse and limitless range, expanding your perception of electronic cigarette flavors.

RELX Classic Pods
All the following brand pods are compatible with 6 different classic devices.

Relx Brand: Pods come in a total of 13 flavors, with the top 4 most chosen flavors being:

Ice Watermelon
Green Bean Ice Cream
Mighty Mint
Classic Tobacco
If you prefer a stronger throat hit closer to traditional cigarettes, Mighty Mint and Classic Tobacco are usually the go-to choices.

Lux Brand: Lux is one of our exclusive brands known for its exceptionally cool flavors and minimal leakage.

Prominent fruity flavors include:

Mixed Fruit Ice
Ice-blasted Lemon
Hokkaido Melon, and more.
JMG Brand: Another exclusive brand in our store, JMG, stands out with its unique and less icy flavors compared to others on the market.

Noteworthy flavors include:

Concord Grape
Chocolate Soft Center
Yuzu Lemon
Fuji Water, among others.
We also carry common brands like Lana and Pino, offering a wide range of flavors and ensuring ample stock for your convenience.


First-Generation Universal Pods Q&A

Why do pods leak oil?
Pods may leak oil due to a damaged atomization core inside the pod or excessive oil buildup in the atomization core. Even leaving the pod unused for an extended period can cause oil leakage. Therefore, it is recommended that users separate the pod from the device while charging. Additionally, if the pod has been idle for too long, shaking it may help. Lastly, you can use a tissue to roll up excess oil gathered in the atomization core. If none of these solutions work, please contact customer service for assistance.

Why do pods crackle?
Crackling pods are often the result of insufficient e-liquid, causing insufficient e-liquid during heating. It can also occur if users inhale too quickly or use the pod too frequently, leading to overheating of the atomization core or a lack of e-liquid due to a damaged core. If you encounter these issues, you can try inhaling slowly or blowing into the mouthpiece to allow e-liquid to flow into the atomization core. Shaking the pod might also help distribute e-liquid. If these solutions don’t work, please contact customer service for assistance.

Why does the e-liquid change color?
The e-liquid may change color due to exposure to air after opening the pod. When propylene glycol inside the e-liquid comes into contact with oxygen in the air, oxidation occurs, causing the e-liquid to change color. Direct sunlight can also accelerate the yellowing of e-liquid. Since transparent pods are more susceptible to sunlight exposure, the color change might be more noticeable.

Can you still vape when the e-liquid changes color?
There is no need to worry about harmful substances causing the e-liquid to change color. This is a normal phenomenon, and it is safe to use. Simply continue normal use.

Is it normal for LUX pods to crystallize?
Yes, it is normal for LUX pods to crystallize, especially in cold weather or when exposed to low indoor temperatures due to their cooler nature. Crystallization occurs due to the solidification of certain components in the e-liquid, and it is not harmful. If this happens, you can try shaking the pod or gently heating it with a lighter for a short time. However, be cautious not to overheat it. If the issue persists, please contact customer service.


Looking for the highest quality pods in Hong Kong? Which pod flavor is the best?

Relx pods are definitely your choice, sure to impress you. Offers up to 20 different flavors, including refreshing peppermint, classic tobacco, green bean popsicle, and watermelon ice, among others. With a wide variety of options, there’s something for everyone to try.

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For experienced vapers who are passionate about flavor, we have a wide selection of Relx pods, from 1st generation to  4th generation, ensuring that there’s a perfect choice for you.

All our products are in stock in Hong Kong, genuine and authentic, with laser labels. Don’t miss out on our comprehensive range of pods!

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