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Discover Vaping Excellence in Hong Kong with Relx

Vape Enthusiasts in Hong Kong: For those in the vapehongkong community and beyond, the world of vaping is evolving. Vape hk users seek quality and safety in their vaping experience, and Relx understands their needs.

The Relx Journey: Relx, established in China in January 2018, is more than just an electronic cigarette brand. It’s a name synonymous with innovation and excellence in the realm of vape. With a commitment to high quality and safety, Relx has consistently pushed the boundaries of scientific research to improve its products.

Vaping Made Safe: Manufacturer certifications and the trust of consumers are not easily earned, but Relx has achieved both. In Hong Kong, vape enthusiasts are turning to Relx for a safer and more satisfying vaping experience.

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Join the global community of vape enthusiasts who have made Relx their preferred choice. Whether you’re in search of a reliable vape pen or just a vape enthusiast exploring the world of vapes hong kong, Relx has something special in store for you.


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Relx is the largest e-cigarette pod manufacturer in China, known for its unique mint flavor that consumers love. Compared to other brands, Relx’s mint sensation is milder and less likely to irritate the throat, making it suitable for individuals prone to discomfort in the respiratory tract or airways. Thanks to its reputation and quality, Relx has become a leader among all e-cigarette pod brands.

RELX 5th Pod 【Phantom】 | Compatible with RELX 4/5/6 Vape | Moderate Mint | 34 Flavors



RELX 4th Generation Infinity Vape Pods

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RELX stands out in the e-cigarette industry for its innovative and high-quality products.

Product Specifications: 

Variety of Flavors:

Cola Ice | Orange Soda | Cuban Cigar | Kumquat Passionfruit | Pomegranate | Hawaiian Pineapple | Rich White Peach | Strawberry | Grape | Mango | Ice Green Bean | Cool Watermelon | Honeydew | Sprite | Jasmine Green Tea | Banana | Sarsaparilla | Black Tea | Longjing | Lime Mint | Taro Ice Cream | Extreme Cool Green Grape | Oolong Tea | Lemon Tea | Roselle Tea | Grape Apple | Zero Degree Mint | Mango Ice Cream | Jasmine Green Tea | Banana | Sarsaparilla | Black Tea | Longjing | Lime Mint | Taro Ice Cream | Honey Pomelo | Lychee | Lime Soda

RELX 4th Generation Infinity Vape Pods are a high-cost performance, delicate taste, strong endurance, effective leakage prevention, and diverse flavor options vape product, worth trying.

HY_RELX 4 香濃白桃
HY_RELX 4 香蕉
HY_RELX 4 凍檸檬茶
HY_RELX 4 夏威夷菠蘿
HY_RELX 4 烏龍茶
HY_RELX 4 草莓
HY_RELX 4 荔枝
HY_RELX 4 雪碧
HY_RELX 4 提子
HY_RELX 4 番石榴
HY_RELX 4 極涼青提
HY_RELX 4 葡萄蘋果
HY_RELX 4 蜂蜜柚子
HY_RELX 4 零度薄荷
HY_RELX 4 綠豆冰棒
HY_RELX 4 橙子汽水
HY_RELX 4 龍井
HY_RELX 4 古巴雪茄
HY_RELX 4 可樂冰
HY_RELX 4 西瓜
HY_RELX 4 沙士
HY_RELX 4 芒果
HY_RELX 4 芒果雪糕
HY_RELX 4 金桔百香果
HY_RELX 4 青檸梳打
HY_RELX 4 青檸薄荷
HY_RELX 4 哈密瓜
HY_RELX 4 洛神花茶
HY_RELX 4 紅茶
HY_RELX 4 茉莉綠茶
HY_RELX 4 香芋雪糕

Features of RELX 4th Generation Infinity Pods

Delicate Taste: The innovation of RELX 4th Generation Infinity Pods lies in its ceramic atomization technology, ensuring every puff is fine and evenly distributed. By using advanced atomization cores, RELX ensures uniform heating, offering a taste experience closer to traditional smoking. This application of technology not only enhances user experience but also minimizes e-liquid waste, extending the lifespan of each pod.

Strong Battery Life: With an increased capacity of 1.9ml, the RELX 4th Generation Infinity Pods have significantly improved battery life. For regular users, this means less frequent need for pod replacement, supporting a full day’s use. This convenience, along with reduced long-term costs, makes RELX 4th Generation Infinity Pods one of the most cost-effective choices on the market.

Effective Leakage Prevention: Major innovations in leakage prevention include an 11-layer maze structure and a 0.35mm oil-blocking mesh. This design effectively prevents e-liquid leakage, ensuring seal integrity even with prolonged carrying or use, enhancing user confidence and convenience.

Diverse Flavor Selection: RELX 4th Generation Infinity Pods offer a wide range of flavors, from traditional tobacco to fresh fruit flavors. Such diversity not only caters to different user preferences but also allows users to choose flavors based on mood and occasion, offering a more personalized vaping experience.

The Charm of Mint

Rich Mint Flavor: Among the many flavors of RELX 4th Generation Infinity Pods, the mint flavor is widely praised for its unique cooling sensation. This mint flavor is not only rich but long-lasting, providing cool relief on hot summer days. Moreover, for those trying to reduce traditional smoking, the mint flavor pod is an ideal choice as it effectively alleviates nicotine cravings while offering a fresh breathing experience.

Popular Flavors

Ice Cool Mint: As one of RELX’s classic flavors, Ice Cool Mint is a favorite among many users for its unparalleled coolness. This flavor not only immediately relieves cravings but also brings a fresh breath with each puff, especially suitable for use in high temperatures.

Mango: The mango flavor is loved for its unique sweetness and rich layers. This flavor simulates the real aroma of mangoes, making vaping not just a nicotine supplement but a delightful taste experience.

Strawberry: The strawberry flavor, with its sweet yet sour unique taste, has received widespread acclaim. This flavor offers a pleasurable experience akin to tasting fresh strawberries, making it an exceptional choice for those seeking a high-quality life experience.

31 Flavors, Infinite Choices

RELX 4th Generation Infinity Pods come in 31 different flavors, each with its unique taste and charm. From refreshing fruits to classic tobacco, from cool mints to sweet desserts, each flavor represents a pursuit of quality and innovation. Users can choose the most suitable flavor based on their preferences and mood, enjoying a unique smoking experience.

Broad Compatibility

The magnetic connection design of RELX 4th Generation Infinity Pods not only enhances convenience of use but also extends compatibility with different e-cigarette models. Whether it’s RELX’s own products or other brands, RELX 4th Generation Infinity Pods can perfectly match, making them one of the mostcompetitive products in the market. This high level of universality means that RELX 4th Generation Infinity Pods can meet the needs of users whether they are looking for the best vaping experience or convenient replacement options.


As e-cigarette technology continues to advance and the market expands, RELX 4th Generation Infinity Pods will keep innovating and improving, introducing more products that cater to user needs, providing a more premium and diverse vaporization experience.

The RELX brand aims to be a leader in the e-cigarette industry, setting new trends for industry development. With their exceptional quality, rich flavor selection, and broad compatibility, RELX 4th Generation Infinity Pods distinguish themselves in the e-cigarette market.

They not only offer users a high-quality vaporization experience but also provide a variety of choices to meet the needs of different users. Choosing RELX 4th Generation Infinity Pods opens up a wonderful journey into the world of e-cigarettes, where each puff is an exploration of taste and a step towards a superior vaping lifestyle.

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