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    RELX Lingdian (Third generation)

    The most attention-grabbing feature of  Lingdian series e-cigarettes is that it has added the Bluetooth connection APP function for the first time. After loading the cigarette cartridge, you can intuitively obtain data on your mobile phone for each puff, including parameters such as reloading flavor, number of puffs, time, etc.

    Just like when exercising, the matching sports bracelet or watch can monitor the heart rate, movements, amount of exercise, etc. during exercise.

    This has become a major help for the advancement of electronic cigarettes. After all, data is the most objective.

    At the same time, RELX Lingdian also has a child lock function. After being locked through the APP,

    the power supply function will be cut off to prevent minors from using it.

    In terms of taste, Lingdian is closer to the second-generation Alpha, which belongs to the delicate and analytical category; at the same time, the anti-leakage structure has been strengthened again (increased to four layers), and the anti-condensation wall-mounted structure of the second-generation Alpha has been quoted.

    RELX Lingdian   (third generation)

    Lingdian sets and cartridges are available for sale in stock. In the era of intelligence, I believe everyone will be familiar with this term. Have you ever thought that even smoking can become full of electronic intelligence? The third generation of Lingdian smart atomization cigarette set applies electronic intelligence technology. Download and use the exclusive Relx me software to achieve real-time data intelligent detection and analysis, calculate and monitor the ingredients in every puff of cigarette you take. Guaranteed to be genuine.

    Relx I and Relx 3rd Generation Relx Infinity: A Brief Introduction

    Battery Capacity and Battery Life:
    Relx I and Relx 3rd Generation Relx Infinity feature higher-capacity batteries, providing longer usage times. This means you can use your Relx I or Relx 3rd Generation Relx Infinity for extended periods without the need for frequent recharging. This is a convenient feature, especially when you’re traveling or working outdoors.

    Strong Suction and Vapor Release:
    Relx I and Relx 3rd Generation Relx Infinity boast stronger suction capabilities, allowing for quicker vapor release. This means you can achieve satisfaction faster with each puff without the need for prolonged inhalation.

    Upgraded Leak Protection Technology:
    Relx I and Relx 3rd Generation Relx Infinity employ advanced leak protection technology, effectively preventing leakage issues. This is a crucial feature as leaks can potentially damage the device or lead to inefficient usage.

    Multiple Flavor Choices:
    Relx I and Relx 3rd Generation Relx Infinity offer a variety of different flavored pods to cater to various users’ flavor preferences. You can select different flavors based on your preferences, personalizing your vaping experience.

    Fast Charging:
    Relx I and Relx 3rd Generation Relx Infinity come with faster charging speeds, meaning you can recharge the device more quickly. This is a convenient feature for those who frequently use Relx 3rd Generation as it allows them to return to vaping sooner.

    In summary, Relx I and Relx 3rd Generation Relx Infinity are powerful and user-friendly electronic cigarette products. They feature longer battery life, stronger suction, upgraded leak protection technology, multiple flavor choices, and fast charging. If you’re interested in electronic cigarettes, Relx I and Relx 3rd Generation Relx Infinity are worth considering.