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RELX Brand Introduction

RELX 1st generation, also known as Yuetke, is an electronic cigarette brand founded by Wang Ying. RELX made its debut in the Chinese mainland market in 2017. It has been a frontrunner in design and research and development, leading millions of smokers toward a healthier path and minimizing the adverse effects of smoking. RELX electronic cigarettes aim to provide an experience similar to traditional tobacco, allowing users to enjoy the sensation without some of the associated health risks.

After four years of continuous improvement and refinement, RELX Yuetke has gained recognition in the market and experienced rapid growth. It has received investments and support from institutions such as Sequoia Capital and Source Code Capital. Currently, RELX Yuetke has a diverse customer base not only in mainland China but also in other regions of Southeast Asia and Europe, indicating a growing market acceptance.

Most traditional tobacco products on the market offer a standard tobacco flavor with, at most, a hint of mint added to provide a slight throat hit. Have you ever thought about enjoying smoking with fruity or even beverage-like flavors? RELX, to date, offers approximately 22 different flavors, with the most popular ones including green bean, watermelon, mixed fruit ice, and more. If you’re looking for an exciting twist on the smoking experience, RELX Yuetke has got you covered. It transforms smoking from a mere physiological need into a flavorful delight.

RELX Yuetke also provides a variety of alternative pods from different brands such as LUX, MEGA, LANA, PINO, and more. For those who crave novelty, RELX’s range of flavors has something for everyone. Still hesitating? Don’t wait; place your order online and join the new trend in smoking!

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