LANA Vape Pods| LANA (Transparent Luminous Bullet) (36 Flavors) (Compatible with RELX 1 Classic)


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LANA cigarette cartridges (in stock) (transparent luminous cartridges) (common to RELX generation) (36 flavors) (multiple flavors)

LANA pod is a pod brand from China. The shape of the LANA pod adopts the shape of a duckbill, which fits the mouth better and is more comfortable. The biggest feature of LANA pods is that they will continue to glow when smoked, adding a lot of fashion sense to them. Qingyue has as many as 25 flavors of Lana pods to choose from~ Hurry up and check it out in Limen!

Lana pod flavor recommendation

In terms of taste, LANA pods have a heavier mint feel with a certain coolness, which is suitable for e-cigarette users who like a refreshing taste. Moreover, if you prefer a cooler taste, LANA pods are definitely your best choice!

Taste and taste distinction:

If you like a cooler flavor, I would recommend you to choose the following LANA pod flavors:

Cool: Refreshing Lemon, Iced Coke, Blueberry Popsicles, Fresh Pineapple, Watermelon Ice, Old Popsicle, Mung Bean Popsicle,

As for users who don’t like too cold, the following slightly cool flavors are also the flavors of LANA pods I recommend:

Slightly cool: Orange Ice, Peach, Strawberry Milk, Kiwi Mix, Iced Black Tea, Passion Fruit, Tieguanyin

In addition, the atomizer in the LANA pod adopts a ceramic honeycomb coil design, which can effectively reduce the chance of overheating problems during the smoking process, and also prolong the life of the pod and the number of times of use.

Product Specifications:

‧ 2ml capacity

‧Ceramic ceramic coil

‧ Diameter 0.01mm

‧ About 650 ports l

‧Double sun pods

‧ Duckbill pod design

‧ Plug and play connection

‧ Gold connection

‧ Magnetic connection

‧ Vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, food flavorings, natural plant extracts.

1 box of this product contains 3 pods
This pod is also suitable for other Relx generation e-cigarettes, such as:

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