LAMU Pods (In stock)(Compatible with RELX 1 Classic)(12 flavors)(Exclusive)


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LAMU Pods - Premium Vaping Experience

Experience the future of vaping with our brand new LAMU Pods. Each box contains 3 pods, with a generous 2.5ml capacity per pod. Designed with a sleek duckbill shape, these pods offer a unique and pleasurable smoking sensation.

Key Features:

    • Pod Capacity: 2.5ml per pod
    • Puffs per Pod: Approximately 400 puffs
    • Design: Duckbill-shaped for comfort
    • Transparency: Clear design for easy monitoring
    • Fluorescence: Glow in the dark for added flair
    • Magnetic Connection: Plug and play with magnetic connectivity
    • Compatibility:
      RELX 1 Classic Vape Machine, TROY Vape Machine for RELX 1 Classic, MEGA VAPEZ Vape Machine, Lana 1 Vape Machine, Vapemoho Vape Machine, VEEX Vape Machine.

Variety of Flavors:

Tieguanyin|Cigar|Mint|Grape|Watermelons|Peach tea|Strawberry|Cappuccino|Passion fruit|Apple Jasmine|Mung bean|Coca Cola

In this fast-paced modern life, finding an elegant and tasteful way of smoking becomes crucial. LAMU Pods are designed for those seeking a premium electronic cigarette experience. Let's explore the luxury of LAMU Pods and bring you a whole new perspective on the future of smoking.

Premium Pods for an Unparalleled Vaping Experience

Each box of LAMU Pods contains three unique pods, each with a generous capacity of 2.5ml, providing you with a more enduring and delightful experience. Every puff is filled with a pleasant sensation, immersing you in the unique world of electronic cigarettes.

Unique Design, Perfectly Fitted Sensation

LAMU Pods feature a duckbill-shaped design, perfectly fitting your sensation, much like savoring a glass of fine wine. The transparent pod design not only allows you to monitor the remaining amount conveniently but also glows with a matte effect at night, adding a touch of fashion to your vaping experience.

Efficient and Ready to Use

LAMU Pods have a magnetic connection design, ready to use with no tedious operational steps. Each pod can inhale about 400 puffs, allowing you to immerse yourself in the rich flavor for an extended period.

Various Flavors to Satisfy Your Taste Buds

LAMU Pods offer a variety of flavors, from Snowy Tieguanyin to Coca-Cola, each with its own unique characteristics. Succulent Green Grape, White Peach Oolong, Strawberry Ice, and more, each one is a journey for your taste buds. Whether you prefer Montecristo Cigar or Capuccino, you can find your soulmate in LAMU's rich flavor lineup.

Wide Compatibility with Various Vape Devices

LAMU Pods are not only luxurious and delicious but also highly compatible. Whether you're using
.Relx 1st Gen Electronic Vaping Device
.TROY Trojan 1st Gen Electronic Vaping Device
.MEGA VAPEZ 1st Gen Electronic Vaping Device
.Lana 1st Gen Electronic Vaping Device
.Vapemoho Electronic Vaping Device
LAMU Pods can easily pair with them, providing you with the ultimate vaping experience.

Enjoy the future of smoking with the exquisite and flavorful LAMU Pods, where elegance meets satisfaction.

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