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Relx Pod

RELX VAPE PODs stand out for their unique design and high-quality materials.

Each VAPE POD undergoes strict testing and quality control to ensure the best smoking experience. From classic tobacco flavors to fresh fruit flavors, from cool mint to rich coffee, RELX VAPE PODs cater to the needs of different users.

Moreover, its unique duckbill design also makes smoking more fitting to the palate, bringing a more comfortable user experience.

In Hong Kong, electronic cigarettes have become a symbol of fashion and trend. As one of the most popular brands in the market, RELX has always been ahead of its competitors with its high-quality products and innovative technology.

Among them, RELX VAPE PODs have attracted the attention of many consumers. Their diverse flavors and excellent user experience make them the first choice for electronic cigarette enthusiasts.

The Diversity of RELX VAPE PODs

Another significant feature of RELX VAPE PODs is their diversity. From classic tobacco flavors to innovative fruit and beverage flavors, from non-cooling VAPE PODs to different levels of cooling, RELX offers a wide range of choices for users. This not only meets the taste needs of different users but also makes the use of electronic cigarettes more interesting and diverse.

Why Choose RELX VAPE PODs?

Choosing RELX VAPE PODs is not only because of their quality and flavor but also because of the professionalism and innovation that RELX as a brand represents. RELX is committed to providing the best electronic cigarette experience, constantly researching and improving its products. Choosing RELX VAPE PODs means choosing a trustworthy brand and a healthier, more convenient lifestyle.

The Safety of RELX VAPE PODs

Safety is another important feature of RELX VAPE PODs. RELX strictly adheres to product safety standards, and all VAPE PODs undergo rigorous quality control and safety testing to ensure they are free from harmful substances, providing users with a safe smoking experience.


RELX CLASSIC Compatible VAPE PODs are designed specifically for the first-generation RELX electronic cigarette. Each box contains 3 VAPE PODs, each with a capacity of 2-2.5 milliliters, providing approximately 600 puffs.

These VAPE PODs feature a magnetic connection design for plug-and-play convenience. The RELX CLASSIC Universal Original VAPE PODs offer 13 different flavors, including Ice Watermelon, Cola Ice, and Summer Mango, catering to a variety of taste preferences.

In addition, there are CLASSIC Compatible VAPE PODs from brands like LUX, JMG, and LAMU, providing more flavor and cooling options, allowing users to choose the suitable VAPE PODs according to their personal preferences.


With the development of VAPE cigarette technology, RELX has also introduced Compatible VAPE POD for the 4th, 5th, and 6th generations, which have more advanced features and a wider range of flavors. Each box also contains 3 VAPE PODs, each with a capacity of 1.9-2 milliliters, providing approximately 400 puffs.

These VAPE POD not only inherit RELX's consistent high quality and comfortable smoking experience but also add more innovative flavors, such as Cuban Cigar, Hawaiian Pineapple, and Orange Passion Fruit, allowing users to enjoy more pleasure while using electronic cigarettes.

The atomizer core in the VAPE is damaged or the e-liquid is exhausted

Draw slowly
to allow the vape juice to flow into the atomizer core.

Drawing too quickly/frequently or using it too often can lead to overheating.

Gently exhale into the pod's mouthpiece
to allow the vape juice to reach the atomizer core.

Some residual material accumulates.

Use a cotton swab to clean
the residues on the heating seat.

When heated, there is not enough vape juice due to its scarcity.

Shake the pod to draw the vape juice towards the atomizer core.

VAPE Pod Common Issues Q&A

Why do pods experience leaking issues?

Pod leaking can occur due to damage to the atomizer core or the accumulation of vape juice in the core, or it may happen if the pod has been left unused for too long.

It is recommended for users to separate the vape and the pod when charging; for pods that have been left unopened and unused for a long time, shake the pod before use. Excess vape juice accumulated in the atomizer core can be absorbed using a cotton swab or a piece of tissue rolled up and inserted into the vape's smoke tube. If these solutions do not resolve the issue, please contact customer service for assistance.

Why do vape pods experience burnt hits?

Burnt hits in pods are a common issue, often due to insufficient vape juice causing inadequate lubrication when heated. Additionally, drawing too quickly or too frequently can cause the atomizer core to overheat, leading to burnt hits.

To address this issue, try drawing slowly or exhaling into the pod's air vent to allow the vape juice to flow back to the atomizer core. Shaking the pod to draw the vape juice towards the atomizer core may also help. If these solutions do not resolve the problem, please contact customer service for assistance.

Why does the vape juice in pods change color?

The color change in vape juice within pods can occur due to exposure to air after opening. The propylene glycol in the vape juice reacts with the oxygen in the air, causing oxidation. Direct sunlight on the pod accelerates the yellowing of the vape juice, and pods designed with clear materials are more susceptible to this effect due to sun exposure.

If you are concerned about the quality and source of your vape pods, consider purchasing genuine RELX products from our RELXVAPE store.

Can vape juice that has changed color still be used safely?

The yellowing of vape juice in a pod does not indicate the production of harmful substances. This is a normal phenomenon and should not be a cause for concern.

If you are concerned about the quality and source of your vape pods, consider purchasing genuine RELX products from our RELX e-cigarette store.

Is it normal for LUX pods to develop crystals?

The formation of crystals in LUX pods is a normal occurrence, due to the lower freezing point of the LUX pods. Crystallization can happen in cold weather or when the indoor air conditioning temperature is low. Users can still use the pods with confidence, as the crystallization is purely due to the solidification of the components.

If this occurs, try shaking the pod or leaving it in a warmer place for a while to dissolve the crystals. If these solutions do not resolve the problem, please contact customer service for assistance.


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