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TROY 5 Vape Pod

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Introduction to the Troy 5th Generation E-Cigarette Pod:

Today, I’d like to introduce the Troy 5th Generation E-Cigarette pod, which is a Chinese product. While it may not have a wide variety of flavors, it is highly attractive due to its unique qualities.


You might not be very familiar with Troy when it comes to their e-cigarette pods, as Troy is generally well-known for its e-cigarette devices. However, this brand has also ventured into the e-cigarette pod market, and Troy 5th Generation E-Cigarette pods come from China. Currently, we only sell the fourth-generation pods of this brand. After its release, this brand’s e-cigarette pods have gained tremendous popularity, with the most popular flavors being Taro Ice Cream, Lemon Tea, and Crystal Peach.


Now, let me share my personal favorite flavor from the Troy 5th Generation E-Cigarette pods—Crystal Peach. Troy doesn’t usually have mint flavors, but Crystal Peach is the exception. It has a sweet yet refreshing taste with a pleasant hint of mint, making it ideal for those who enjoy both mint and a slightly sweet taste.


Comparing the Lux 4th Generation and Troy 4th Generation flavors, they are quite similar, but Lux 4th Generation tends to have a stronger throat hit. On the other hand, the Troy 4th Generation flavors, apart from Crystal Peach, have a milder mint flavor. For example, when comparing Lemon Tea, Lux 4th Generation’s Lemon Tea is mintier and sweeter, while Troy 4th Generation’s Lemon Tea has a moderate mintiness and sweetness that many find appealing.