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Introduction to the Troy 5th Generation E-Cigarette Pod:

Today, I’d like to introduce the Troy 5th Generation E-Cigarette pod, which is a Chinese product. While it may not have a wide variety of flavors, it is highly attractive due to its unique qualities.


You might not be very familiar with Troy when it comes to their e-cigarette pods, as Troy is generally well-known for its e-cigarette devices. However, this brand has also ventured into the e-cigarette pod market, and Troy 5th Generation E-Cigarette pods come from China. Currently, we only sell the fourth-generation pods of this brand. After its release, this brand’s e-cigarette pods have gained tremendous popularity, with the most popular flavors being Taro Ice Cream, Lemon Tea, and Crystal Peach.


Now, let me share my personal favorite flavor from the Troy 5th Generation E-Cigarette pods—Crystal Peach. Troy doesn’t usually have mint flavors, but Crystal Peach is the exception. It has a sweet yet refreshing taste with a pleasant hint of mint, making it ideal for those who enjoy both mint and a slightly sweet taste.


Comparing the Lux 4th Generation and Troy 4th Generation flavors, they are quite similar, but Lux 4th Generation tends to have a stronger throat hit. On the other hand, the Troy 4th Generation flavors, apart from Crystal Peach, have a milder mint flavor. For example, when comparing Lemon Tea, Lux 4th Generation’s Lemon Tea is mintier and sweeter, while Troy 4th Generation’s Lemon Tea has a moderate mintiness and sweetness that many find appealing.


TROY Vape Pods (Compatible with RELX 4 and RELX 5 Vape Machine)(1 flavor)



TROY Troy 5th generation cigarette cartridge (RELX4/5th generation) (universal) (Troy)

TROY brand’s 5th generation cigarette cartridge is the Relx 5th generation universal brand. It enjoys a high reputation in the e-cigarette market. It focuses on extra strong flavor and has an oil leakage-proof design, providing a high-quality e-cigarette experience. The following is a detailed introduction to TROY 5th generation cigarette cartridges:

TROY Troy Extra Rich Flavor

TROY’s 5th generation cigarette cartridges are famous for their strong taste. Whether you like sweet fruit flavors, rich coffee taste, or fresh mint, TROY provides a variety of options to meet the needs of users with different tastes.


TROY oil leak proof design:

Trojan pods have an oil leak-proof design, which means you don’t have to worry about pod oil leaking. This design ensures that the e-liquid remains stable during the smoking process and will not drip or be lost, ensuring a smooth smoking experience again and again.


TROY exclusive tobacco rod:

TROY’s 5th generation cigarette cartridge is designed for the TROY X cigarette rod, which is specially designed to provide the best smoking experience. They match perfectly to ensure a seamless connection between the cartridge and the rod, allowing you to fully enjoy the pleasure of e-cigarettes.


TROY Premium Quality:

TROY is known for its high-quality e-cigarette products. They follow strict manufacturing standards to ensure the quality and consistency of every pod. This allows users to trust TROY’s products and enjoy a safe smoking experience.

In summary, TROY’s 5th generation cigarette cartridges are a trustworthy brand. They provide a variety of flavor options, leak-proof design and high-quality smoking experience. Whether you are a novice or an experienced e-cigarette enthusiast, TROY’s cartridges can meet your taste and quality needs. Please consider trying TROY’s 4/5 generation cigarette cartridges to experience its excellent performance and taste.




 1 box of this product contains 3 podsThis cartridge is also suitable for other Relx generation electronic cigarettes, such as:·Relx – 1st generation original electronic cigarette machine·Troy electronic cigarette machine· Vapemoho electronic cigarette machine·LUX electronic cigarette machine··VEEX electronic cigarette machine··MEGA electronic cigarette machine Its specifications are as follows:Atomizer capacity: 2MLAtomizer size: 45.7*19.5*10.5mmAtomized product dosage: about 400 mouthfuls Troy Relx 4th generation has only 8 flavors for the time being, namely: Dahongpao black tea, powder peach tea, smooth soy milk, red grape, coffee, lemon tea, glacier mineral water, taro ice cream, these 8 famous flavors. Fragrant ice cream is more like a very high degree of authenticity. Just one sip will be the real drug addict of taro. People who have eaten it every day praise it, and take a puff and have a real incense. The real feeling of ice cream, taro is sought after by users everywhere. With the surging power mode of 5 Troy X cigarette rods, there will be taro bombs that will be detonated in the mouth.   

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