RELX Usage Issues

Q: Why does the e-cigarette leak oil?

Leaking oil in e-cigarettes is quite common and is mainly caused by the following three factors:

A1: When charging the e-cigarette, the pod is not removed, and the pod and the device are charged together. The reason is simple; when charging the device, it generates heat. If the heat is too high, it can cause the e-liquid inside the pod to boil due to high temperatures. According to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the heat can expand the pod, leading to oil leakage.

The simplest solution is to remove the pod while charging, significantly reducing the chances of oil leakage.

A2: This situation is similar to A1. Many customers leave their e-cigarettes and pods in closed spaces for a long time, such as in cars or warehouses. When the temperature inside a closed space becomes too high, thermal expansion and contraction can occur. It’s crucial not to leave the e-cigarette and RELX pods in direct sunlight, as this can result in a 90% chance of oil leakage. Therefore, you should always avoid such situations.

A3: Using a high-power portable charger to charge the device can cause thermal expansion and contraction, leading to pod leakage. In extreme cases, it can overload the device’s battery and cause damage. If you need to use a portable charger, it’s best to use one with a power rating below 14W and remove the pod while charging to prevent any issues.

Of course, there can be various minor reasons for pod leakage. If you’ve followed all the maintenance steps mentioned above and still experience leakage, there’s a high chance that the pod itself is defective. In such cases, you can request a replacement, as we aim to ensure a comfortable shopping experience for our customers.

Q: Why does the RELX e-cigarette taste burnt?

The e-cigarette tasting burnt is generally caused by the following two factors:

A1: When the e-liquid is depleted, the e-cigarette will produce a burnt taste because there is no more fuel to vaporize. However, customers can rest assured that the burnt taste is harmless to the body. At this point, simply replace the empty pod with a new one to continue enjoying the benefits of the e-cigarette.

A2: Many customers have reported that sometimes the pod can produce a burnt taste when it’s only halfway consumed. So, what’s the reason behind it? Here’s the explanation: Since the vaporization channel inside the pod is very narrow, if the pod is left unused for a day or more, the channel can become clogged due to the e-liquid not being vaporized when customers don’t use it, leading to a blockage in the vaporization channel and resulting in a burnt taste.

The best solution is to consume a newly opened pod within 5-7 days; otherwise, you might encounter the above-mentioned problems. If a newly opened pod still tastes burnt during use, then it’s likely that the pod itself is faulty.

Q: Why do RELX e-cigarette pods change color?

To understand why e-liquid changes color, it’s essential to know the composition of e-liquid, which typically includes VG (Vegetable Glycerin), flavorings, and PG (Propylene Glycol). These three components are commonly found in processed foods. VG, in particular, is a type of oil. When exposed to the environment for an extended period, e-liquid undergoes oxidation, causing the color to gradually darken. However, there’s no need to worry; it doesn’t harm the body.

The only noticeable effect is a slight change in flavor, such as a milder taste or a subtle alteration. This is entirely normal. To prevent flavor changes and discoloration, it’s advisable to consume the e-cigarette pods within 5-7 days.

This leads to another question:

Q: How long can RELX e-cigarette pods be stored, and does using them past their expiration date have any adverse effects?

Generally, we recommend that unopened products should not be stored for more than a year. While e-liquid is not food, it is consumed in the body, and pods have their shelf life. Some customers may ask whether using pods that have been stored for a long time could have harmful effects on the body. Here’s the answer:

The ingredients in e-cigarette e-liquid consist of safe chemical molecules. Therefore, if they haven’t been affected by external environmental factors, they can typically be stored for one year. If pods have expired, it’s advisable not to use them. Each individual’s tolerance to expired e-liquid may vary, so if you have concerns, it’s best not to purchase too many at once.

Usage Guidelines

When using RELX e-cigarettes, ensure that the battery has sufficient charge. If the battery is running low, the device will flash a red light three times to remind you to recharge. It’s essential to have a fully charged device before heading out to ensure it functions correctly and can be used.

If you encounter minor e-liquid leakage while vaping, this is entirely normal. You can simply remove the pod, use a tissue to wipe it clean, and then continue using it. If the leakage is severe, you may consider replacing the pod.

If you notice a slight vibration every 15 puffs while using a RELX e-cigarette, don’t be alarmed; it’s a thoughtful design. Many users, including myself, have experienced the challenge of not being able to resist puffing continuously when a vaping device is nearby. This design serves as a reminder that after 15 puffs, it’s time to take a break and not overindulge. It’s a useful feature to prevent users from vaping excessively.