RELX Classic introduction and Relx vape care sharing

The RELX Classic, as one of the highest-selling products in the e-cigarette industry, has been popular for several reasons. First, its attractive appearance, with gradient colors being a top choice. Second, its moderate price; compared to smoking IQOS, the official price of 380 yuan for a RELX device, which includes two pods, is quite reasonable. Third, the exceptional flavors of its pods, such as Grape Oolong, Mint, Blueberry, and more, stand out.

As one of the pioneering products, it’s not without its flaws, especially since it’s an electronic atomizer, and there are some shortcomings in its leak prevention design. However, these issues are not severe and can be managed with regular care. Here are a few tips to prevent leaking

The RELX Classic is one of the early e-cigarette devices introduced by the RELX brand, designed to provide a simple and convenient smoking experience, especially suitable for users transitioning from traditional cigarettes. Here are some key features:

Design: The RELX Classic boasts a minimalist design, comfortable to hold, easy to carry, and moderately sized, making it ideal for on-the-go use. Ease of Use: This device is designed for convenience, with no button operations required, utilizing a draw-activated firing mechanism that makes it intuitive and simple to use. Pod System: It uses a proprietary pod system, allowing for quick and easy pod changes without the need to refill e-liquid, minimizing leakage and maintenance hassle. Battery Life: Comes with a built-in battery, rechargeable via USB, offering sufficient battery life for daily use depending on usage frequency. Vapor and Throat Hit: Delivers stable vapor production and a satisfying throat hit. Nicotine salt technology allows for more efficient nicotine absorption, offering a sensation closer to traditional cigarettes.

Maintenance Tips for Your RELX Device

To ensure your RELX device maintains optimal performance over time, here are some maintenance and care recommendations:

Regular Cleaning: Gently clean the device’s charging port and pod interface with a cotton swab. Keeping these areas free of dust and liquid residue can prevent charging issues and improve vapor output. Avoid Extreme Conditions: Extreme temperatures can affect the performance and battery life of e-cigarettes. Avoid leaving the device in direct sunlight or very cold environments. Proper Storage: When not in use, store the device in a dry and clean place. Avoid storing it with keys, coins, or other items that may scratch the device. Charging Caution: Charge with the original or compatible charger and cable, avoiding overcharging. Pod Replacement: Replace the pod when you notice a decrease in vapor production or a change in flavor. Expired or poor-quality e-liquid can affect the smoking experience and device performance. Leak Prevention: If e-liquid leakage is detected, immediately clean the leaked liquid and check if the pod is correctly installed or damaged.

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