RELX 4 Infinity

RELX Infinity is the latest electronic cigarette model launched by in 2019. It is also known as an enhanced version of Classic and has significantly improved upon the usage issues that were present in the 1st generation. Infinity has seen comprehensive improvements in its performance, including the quality of both the device and the vaping pods, surpassing that of the 1st generation.

RELX 4th Generation

Taking the example of the vaping device, the previous 1st generation vaping devices often experienced various battery-related issues, resulting in insufficient battery life, which in turn led to various problems, including leaking. However, with the current RELX Infinity vaping device, the battery life has significantly improved. In the past, 1st generation vaping devices required daily charging, while the RELX 4 Infinity vaping device may only need to be charged every 3 to 5 days.

RELX Infinity and Phantom series are currently the latest versions in the lineup, although there aren’t too many flavor options available for the cartridges at the moment, with only around 20 different flavors.

However, in terms of cartridge design, both Relx 4th and 5th generations have improved in reducing condensation buildup, resulting in a smoother vaping experience with fewer instances of condensation solidifying. Additionally, they have increased the voltage tolerance in the cartridge connections, reducing the chances of poor contact due to overheating.

RELX Infinity 4th Generation Device/Product Information

• RELX Infinity 4th Generation Device x 1
• Type-C USB Charging Cable x 1

*Note: Relx Infinity is not compatible with any RELX/other brand’s 1st generation cartridges. Please click on RELX/other brand’s 4th generation cartridges to select cartridges compatible with the RELX Infinity 4th Generation Device.

RELX Infinity 4th Generation Device/Performance

Classic Automatic Style
Closed Pod System/Vaporization Core
Battery Capacity: 380mAh
New Generation Multi-layer Leakproof Design
Honeycomb Ceramic Coil Technology
Vibration Reminder for 15 puffs within 10 minutes
Type-C USB Charging

While Charging: White LED gradually lights up for 1.3 seconds, then fades out for 2.2 seconds in a continuous cycle
Low Battery: Red LED flashes 10 times
Battery Fully Charged: White LED stays on continuously

RELX Infinity is very simple and comes with an instruction manual for easy understanding. You just need to ensure that the device has sufficient battery power and insert the pod, and Infinity will work normally. There are no extra buttons or LED displays.

Furthermore, Infinity is a device with an automatic draw-activated switch, which means it generates vapor when you inhale from the mouthpiece. There is an LED indicator light in the middle of the device, and after connecting the RELX Infinity Device to the RELX Infinity Pod successfully, it will vibrate to signal the connection. Simply take a puff or insert the pod to activate the RELX Infinity Device, and the indicator light will light up, indicating that the device is in active mode.

After completing an inhalation, the Infinity device will enter sleep mode, and you can simply reactivate it by taking another puff, without the need to frequently remember to turn it off.

The RELX Infinity Device uses a Type-C USB charging cable, which is inserted into the bottom interface of the battery. When you use it, you will notice that the LED light on the device is also illuminated, confirming that the device and pod are working properly. The 4th Generation Device also has an intelligent control for nicotine intake. If you inhale more than 15 puffs within 10 minutes, the device will vibrate to indicate that your nicotine intake is approaching the recommended limit. When the battery needs charging, the device will flash a few red lights. At this point, you need to pick up the device for charging. The total charging time takes approximately 45 minutes, and the LED light remains on when the charging is complete.

What does the flashing LED light mean on the RELX Infinity 4th Generation Device?

Reasons for LED light flashing 3 times:

Overdraw protection:

When the RELX Infinity device detects excessive inhalation force during use, it automatically activates a protection mechanism to ensure that users are not overwhelmed by excessive vapor.

Overcharge protection:

When the charging cable is forcefully pulled out or disconnected improperly, the device’s indicator light will flash three times. This is a self-protection mechanism to prevent damage.

Low battery warning:

While the device is in use, if the indicator light flashes several times, it is indicating that the device needs to be charged. The total charging time takes approximately 45-60 minutes. During charging, the LED light will be on, and when it remains on for an extended period, it means that the RELX Infinity is fully charged.


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