RELX 4 Infinity and RELX 5 Phantom Introduction


RELX 4 Infinity and RELX 5 Phantom

Relx, founded by Shenzhen-based tech company Relx Technology in 2017, quickly gained popularity nationwide with its innovative and user-friendly electronic cigarettes (Vapes). In late 2019, Relx introduced an enhanced version, the RELX 4th generation – Infinite Series, which addressed the shortcomings of the earlier Relx Classic Series (1st generation).

The RELX 4th generation (Infinite Series) has made significant improvements over the previous RELX 1st generation, addressing a common issue of e-liquid leakage that often troubled users. With the RELX Infinite Series (4th generation), the problem of e-liquid leakage has been greatly reduced, with approximately a 90% reduction in the chances of leakage compared to the RELX 1st generation. Although minor leakage may still occur, it falls within an acceptable range.

Additionally, the battery life has been improved by over 70%. In the past, users of the RELX 1st generation sometimes experienced situations where they wanted to use the device but suddenly found it had no battery power. This was mainly due to unclear battery level indicators, often leading to the device flashing when the battery was completely depleted. However, the RELX 4th generation is different. It features a new function where the indicator light switches from white to red when the battery level drops below 30%. The red light remains on during the entire inhalation process, serving as a clear reminder that it’s time to recharge.

The advantages of RELX 4 Pods

The RELX 4th generation e-cigarette stands out among numerous electronic cigarette products in several ways. First, it offers a variety of enticing flavors, catering to users with different taste preferences. Secondly, RELX 4th generation pods incorporate advanced technology to ensure consistent vapor production and flavor performance. Additionally, their pod design is simple and easy to replace, making it convenient for users. Most importantly, RELX is committed to product quality and safety, subjecting their devices to rigorous quality control to ensure users enjoy a high-quality vaping experience. These factors contribute to its popularity in the market.

RELX – A Leading E-cigarette Brand

First, let’s introduce RELX, a leading e-cigarette brand known for its high-quality pods and a variety of enticing flavors. RELX’s 4th generation pods offer a range of unique flavor choices, giving smokers multiple options. Here are some classic flavors of RELX 4th generation pods:

Oolong Tea:

This flavor is beloved by tea enthusiasts, incorporating the aroma and taste of oolong tea into the e-cigarette, providing a layered smoking experience.

Tipsy Grape: If you enjoy fruity flavors, Tipsy Grape is worth a try. It brings you the scent and sweetness of ripe grapes, offering a refreshing sensation.

Aromatic Tea Ice Cream:

This unique flavor combines the fragrance of tea leaves with the smoothness of ice cream, providing an enjoyable vaping experience.

MEGA – Transparent Menthol Pods

Next, let’s take a look at MEGA, a brand known for its transparent menthol pods. MEGA’s 5th generation pods offer a range of cool flavors, perfect for menthol enthusiasts. Here are some classic flavors of MEGA 5th generation pods:

Watery Peach:

This is a highly fruity flavor, combining the taste of ripe peaches with a refreshing menthol kick, delivering a fresh vaping experience.

Honeydew Melon:

If you prefer a subtle sweetness, the Honeydew Melon flavor is a must-try. It infuses the natural flavor of honeydew melon into the pod, offering a pleasant vaping experience.

Lemon Mojito:

This is a delightful summer flavor, combining the classic taste of lemon and mojito, providing a fresh feeling as if you’re in a holiday destination.

LANA – Transparent Menthol Pods

Lastly, let’s introduce LANA, another brand offering transparent menthol pods. LANA’s 5th generation pods offer various enjoyable flavor choices, perfect for menthol flavor enthusiasts. Here are some classic flavors of LANA 5th generation pods:

Red Bull:

This is an energizing flavor, combining the unique taste of Red Bull with the coolness of menthol, offering a stimulating vaping experience.


If you enjoy unique fruit flavors, Lychee is a great choice. It infuses the scent and sweetness of fresh lychee into the pod, providing a unique vaping experience.

Strawberry Watermelon:

This is a delightful summer flavor, combining the tastes of strawberry and watermelon, delivering a fruity feast.

Whether you prefer tea, fruit flavors, or menthol sensations, RELX, MEGA, and LANA offer a variety of flavor choices to meet the needs of different vapers. We hope these introductions help you make a better choice when selecting your e-cigarette products.

Introduction of RELX 4 and RELX 5

RELX 4th and 5th Generation Pods - Over 120 Flavor Choices

In the past, the 1st generation of RELX pods offered over 200 flavors, while the 4th generation initially had just over 10 flavors, which may not have attracted users looking for more choices. However, the 4th generation has been continuously expanding its flavor selection. As of today, the 1st generation still offers around 200 flavors, while the 4th generation has rapidly caught up and now offers over 120 flavor choices.

The 4th generation currently provides a wide range of flavor options, whether with or without menthol. This is especially true for fruit flavors, which used to have very limited choices but have now expanded to over 50 different fruit flavors to choose from.

The size of the 5th generation Phantom series device is the same as the 4th generation Infinity series. Additionally, the pods are interchangeable between the two, and there isn’t a significant difference in their appearance. Both devices have a well-proportioned size for the e-cigarette.

In the 5th generation, there has been an upgrade in the draw resistance, making it smoother and allowing for an easier draw with minimal resistance. The LED indicator on the device now consists of four horizontal lines, providing a clearer representation of the battery level, with each line representing 25% of the battery power.