RELX 1 Classic – RELX Product Overview

Relx 1st Generation Pods

All the following brands of pods are compatible with our store’s 5 models of 1st generation vape devices.

Relx Brand: The Relx Yuet Kei pods come in a total of 13 flavors, with the top 4 most popular flavors being:

  1. Iced Watermelon
  2. Green Bean Ice Lolly
  3. Intense Mint
  4. Classic Tobacco

If you prefer a stronger throat hit closer to traditional cigarettes, you would typically choose Intense Mint or Classic Tobacco.

Lux Brand: Lux is one of our exclusive brands. The key characteristic of this brand is that it offers a very cool and refreshing experience, with minimal leakage issues. Notable fruit-based flavors include:

  1. Mixed Fruit Ice Slush
  2. Ice-Cold Lime
  3. Hokkaido Melon

JMG Brand: JMG is another one of our exclusive brands known for its unique flavors, some of which are not commonly found in the market. These flavors are distinctive without being overly icy. Some standout flavors include:

  1. Concord Grape
  2. Chocolate Filling
  3. Ovaltine
  4. Fuji Water

We also carry commonly recognized brands like Lana and Pino, with a wide range of flavors available and ample stock.


This vape pen is suitable for beginners because it’s simple to use and not too complicated. RELX vape pens come in various colors, and they have a moderate power output, so the vapor production is not excessive. When charging, the RELX vape pen flashes a white light, and it automatically turns off or stays lit with a white light when fully charged. There’s no vibration when you insert the pod, and it’s the only vape pen that uses a USB cable for charging.


What makes this vape pen stand out is its unique colors, including two engraved designs: one with purple lightning and the other with blue-green waves. MOHO vape pens have a higher power output, which can result in larger vapor production and the possibility of spitting. They come with a battery indicator: white light for 100% battery, blue light for 50% or below, and red light indicating it’s time to recharge. MOHO vape pens use a TYPE-C cable for charging.


This vape pen allows you to adjust the power output and has a battery indicator. TROY offers two methods to adjust the power: you can choose to take two puffs within 0.5 seconds or quickly insert the pod twice within 0.5 seconds. White light indicates 100% to 20% battery and represents the lower power mode. Red light indicates the higher power mode, and blue light is a warning for 20% to 0% battery. TROY vape pens flash a white light while charging, and they use a TYPE-C cable for charging.


These vape pens come in glossy colors and two popular gradient options. What sets MEGA apart is that they occasionally release special edition vape pens, and you can manually check the battery level. MEGA vape pens are adjustable in power, and by taking two quick puffs within 0.5 seconds, the indicator changes from white to purple, indicating a higher power mode. Users can manually touch the indicator light to check the battery level: green for full battery, blue for 50%, and red for 20%. MEGA vape pens flash a white light while charging, and they also use a TYPE-C cable for charging. Additionally, MEGA comes with a neck strap in the package for users who want to hang it around their neck.


This electronic cigarette boasts superior performance and a stylish design that will keep you coming back for more. Whether you’re new to vaping or looking for an upgrade, the Lana 1st generation is the ideal choice. It stands out with its high-power design, providing larger vapor production and richer flavors to satisfy users seeking the ultimate vaping experience. The power output of the vape pen reaches up to 3.7W, allowing you to easily enjoy dense vapor.