RELX 1 Classic General Vape Machine


Relx 1st generation is the ideal choice for a vast number of smokers. It offers a lifestyle that doesn’t disrupt your routine, providing a convenient and enjoyable smoking option. 1st generation is dedicated to enhancing the experience of vaping electronic cigarettes. Over the years, it has invested time and resources into the research and development of every universal e-cigarette product, aiming to replicate the experience of smoking traditional cigarettes seamlessly. Relx continues to innovate and has become a leader in the vaping industry.

Founded in 2017, Relx  is based in China and is focused on researching, designing, and promoting consumer-grade electronic heated tobacco products. This passion has gained recognition in the market, with investments and collaborations from international institutions such as IDG, Sequoia Capital, and Source Code Capital. Relx’s business has expanded to Europe, the Americas, Asia, and other regions, further expanding its market presence.

As an authorized distributor of Yuetke in Hong Kong, our shop closely follows the trends in electronic cigarettes in Hong Kong. We are committed to offering genuine Yuetke products and pods, catering to customers who love Yuetke. We provide the highest-quality service and special membership benefits, whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced user.

Hong Kong, being the financial center of the Asia-Pacific region, is an essential market for Relx. We are dedicated to promoting the electronic cigarette culture in Hong Kong. In addition to representing genuine Yuetke products and pods, our shop also represents universal e-cigarette pods and devices from various brands in the market, including China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, the United States, and more.

What is the different of RELX 1 Vape Machine and RELX 4 Vape Machine?


This vape pen is suitable for beginners because it’s simple and easy to use, without any complexity. It comes in various colors, and its power output isn’t too high, so it doesn’t produce excessive vapor. When charging, the RELX vape pen flashes a white light, and when it’s fully charged, the light either turns off automatically or remains steady white. There’s no vibration when inserting the vape pod, and it’s the only vape pen that uses a USB cable for charging.


What sets this vape pen apart is its unique colors, including two engraved designs: one with purple lightning and another with blue-green ocean waves. MOHO has a higher power output, which can result in more vapor and the potential for spitting. It has a battery level indicator with white indicating 100% battery, blue for 50% or below, and red indicating it’s time to charge. Charging the MOHO vape pen displays a steady white light, and it uses a TYPE-C cable for charging.


This vape pen allows you to adjust the power output, and it also has a battery level indicator. TROY offers two methods to adjust the power: you can either take two puffs within 0.5 seconds or insert the vape pod quickly twice within 0.5 seconds. The white light indicates a battery level of 100% to 20%, signifying a lower power mode. The red light represents a higher power mode, while the blue light indicates a battery level of 20% to 0%. Charging the TROY vape pen shows a flashing white light, and it charges using a TYPE-C cable.


The MEGA vape device primarily features glossy and solid colors, with two gradient color options that are quite popular. What’s unique about MEGA is that it occasionally releases special edition vape pens, and you can manually check the battery level. MEGA vape pens allow you to adjust the power output, and if you take two puffs within 0.5 seconds, the white light changes to purple, indicating a higher power mode. Users can quickly touch the indicator light to check the battery level: green for full, blue for 50%, and red for 20%. When charging, the MEGA vape pen flashes a white light, and it also charges using a TYPE-C cable. Additionally, MEGA’s packaging includes a lanyard, making it a great choice for those who want to wear their vape pens around their necks.

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