TROY Vape Machine for RELX 5 Phantom (Compatible with RELX 4 and RELX 5 pods) (5 Colors) (Machine and pods kit)


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TROY 5th generation cigarette machine (5th generation universal cigarette machine) (5 colors) (TROY X PODS KIT) (relx)

Excellent operation interface

TROY 5th generation electronic cigarette machine makes smoking easier and more intuitive. It comes with an easy-to-operate screen and buttons that allow users to easily set up and adjust. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced smoker, you can get started quickly and enjoy a high-quality smoking experience.

Comprehensive security protection

TROY 5th generation electronic cigarette machine provides users with multiple safety protection functions to ensure safety during use. This includes overcharge protection, over-discharge protection and short-circuit protection, etc., which effectively prevents possible product failures and dangerous situations. You can use it with confidence without worrying about safety issues.

Quick charging function

TROY 5th generation electronic cigarette machine supports fast charging, providing you with a more convenient use experience. No matter where you are, just use the USB charging function and your cigarette machine will be fully charged quickly, providing you with a pleasant smoking experience at any time. No more worrying about waiting for charging, making smoking easier.

The TROY 5th generation electronic cigarette machine combines superior operating performance, comprehensive safety protection and fast charging functions to provide smokers with a safe, convenient and satisfying choice. No matter which flavor you prefer, TROY 5th generation electronic cigarette machine will provide you with an excellent smoking experience.

Product name: Relx 5th generation cigarette rod
Model: P53s
Battery capacity: 380mAh
Maximum charging voltage: 5V
Maximum charging current: 700mA
Time required to charge: 45 minutes
Number of times you can smoke: about 400 mouths
Charging interface: Type-C
Oil storage tank material: PCTG (medical grade)
Atomizing rod size: 87*19.5*10.5mm
Atomizer capacity: 2ML
Atomizer size: 45.7*19.5*10.5mm
LED indicator
In normal use: 4 LEDs tidal flashing
Running out of battery: 4 LEDs flash red 10 times, use prohibited
Battery 0-25%
Vibration feedback, LED 1 fades
Battery 25-50%
Vibration feedback, LED 1, LED 2 gradually brighten
Battery 50-75%
Vibration feedback, LED 1, LED 2, LED 3 gradually brighten
Battery 75-100%
Vibration feedback, LED 1, LED 2, LED 3, LED 4 gradually brighten
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