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RELX Pods | Relx Classic 1st Generation | (12 Flavors) Pod | RELX POD

RELX Pods come from a Chinese brand and feature a duckbill shape for a more comfortable draw. The vapor is heavier, providing a stronger hit. The pods use dual silicone rings to prevent leakage and a honeycomb ceramic atomizer to reduce overheating.

Unique Advantages and Flavor Diversity

RELX Pods have gained attention in the e-cigarette market for their rich flavors and strong taste profiles. Whether you’re looking for a cooling sensation, fruity flavors, or classic tobacco, RELX Pods have something for everyone.

Classic Flavors

One of the most classic flavors is “Intense Mint,” which offers a rich minty taste that is both refreshing and intoxicating. It’s a top choice for many smokers for its elegant and pleasing smoking experience.

Tobacco Flavors

If you prefer classic tobacco flavors, RELX also has you covered. Their “Classic Tobacco” flavor is known for its rich tobacco taste, providing a classic tobacco experience that is unforgettable.

Fruit Flavors

If you lean towards fruity flavors, RELX Pods can also meet your needs. They offer a variety of fruit flavors, including “Passion Fruit,” among others. These fruity flavors offer a rich taste, adding diversity and surprise to your vaping experience.

Quality and Safety

Most importantly, RELX Pods not only offer rich flavors but also ensure a smooth and satisfying vaping experience through their superior technology. The compact design of the pods makes them easy to replace without worrying about leakage. Each RELX Pod undergoes strict quality control and testing to ensure health and safety during use.

In Summary

RELX Pods offer an elegant and satisfying vaping experience. No matter your flavor preference, you can find satisfaction in RELX Pods, making them a top choice in today’s e-cigarette market. They offer not only excellent flavors but also convenience and satisfaction, making vaping more enjoyable and relaxed.

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Flavor Categories:

Cool: Juicy Grape, Old Popsicle, Cool Melon, Intense Mint, Iced Watermelon, Green Bean Ice Pop, Strawberry Snow Ice.

Slightly Cool: Cola, Green Mango, Kumquat Passion Fruit, Passion Fruit, Peach Oolong, Orange Soda.

Not Cool: Classic Tobacco.

Product Details

Each box contains 3 pods. These pods are also compatible with other first-generation Relx models, such as:

Relx – 1st Generation Original E-cigarette
Troy E-cigarette
Vapemoho E-cigarette
MEGA E-cigarette
LANA E-cigarette

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