Joyful Pods (Compatible with RELX 1 Classic)(Taiwan)(2 Flavors)


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Huanxi cigarette cartridge (RELX generation classic universal cartridge) (Taiwan) (2 flavors) (rich) (generation)

Happy smoke bomb :

It is a Taiwanese series of RELX generation classic general-purpose bombs. It provides two rich flavors, allowing you to enjoy the unique taste. Taiwan Huanxi cigarette cartridges have a total of 52 flavors. This series has a wide range of flavors and will definitely satisfy your taste buds. Each pod of Huanxi cigarette cartridges is individually packaged, allowing you to choose according to your mood and taste, bringing you a personalized smoking experience.

These flavors can be divided into different flavor and texture categories:

Fresh fruits:

If you love fruity flavors and don’t want your throat to be irritated, then you can’t miss these refreshing fruity flavors. Lemon grapefruit, honey passion fruit, apple cider, watermelon ice cream, Kaohsiung papaya milk and other choices are waiting for you.

Fragrant tea flavor:

Suitable for tea lovers and pure smokers. Whether you prefer Duoduo green tea, Assam milk tea, osmanthus oolong tea, kumquat lemon tea, or other tea flavors, you can find the right choice.

Special flavors:

The flavors of these cigarette cartridges imitate a variety of specialty drinks and are extremely reductive. You can try Pocari Sweat, Grandma’s Mung Bean Soup, Whiskey Coke, Wuer Red Wine Ice, etc. to make your smoking experience full of surprises.

Whether you like fruit, tea or special flavors, Huanxi cigarette cartridges provide you with the ultimate variety of flavor choices. Elegant and convenient packaging make them ideal for smoking enthusiasts, adding fun to your smoking experience.

1 box of this product contains 3 pods
This cartridge is also suitable for other Relx generation electronic cigarettes, such as:
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