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In recent years, tax rates on traditional tobacco products have been continuously increased, This directly causes the retail prices of all tobacco products to rise significantly, which undoubtedly adds a considerable economic burden. In contrast,Although RELX VAPE requires the purchase of a Vape device in the early stage, in the long run, its cost of use is much lower than continuing to purchase traditional tobacco.

Moreover, vape does not contain harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide in traditional tobacco products. Their potential risks are relatively much smaller. In addition, switching to vape can also help reduce the impact on the surrounding environment and improve the quality of life. These are all An important factor for every smoker to consider.

Reduce inhalation of harmful substances 
Does not produce tar, carbon monoxide and second-hand smoke

“Cost-effectiveness​ “
Using a vape is cheaper than buying traditional cigarettes

” Variety of flavors “
Choose from tobacco flavors to fruit and more

What is VAPE

In today's society, the word "vape" is no longer unfamiliar. It is an electronic device that heats a liquid to produce vapor that can be inhaled, and is viewed by many as an alternative to traditional smoking. But what exactly is a vape and how does it work?

A Relx vape is a battery-powered device that heats a liquid containing nicotine into a vapor for the user to inhale. Its core is "e-liquid": ingredients include nicotine, propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin and various food-grade flavors. When a user activates a vape, a battery within the device heats the vaporizer, heating the liquid until it turns into vapor that the user can then inhale.

Advantage comparison

Cigarettes VS VAPE

WHYchoose us?

$ 92 ~ 102 One pack
1 pack = 20 sticks
Nicotine content : 0.7~3MG
tar and carbon monoxide : YES
second hand smoke : YES
Convenience: Inconvenient Cannot be used indoors
$ 45 ~ 50 one grain
1 box equals 6 packs = 120 sticks (3 capsules per box)
Nicotine content: 0~5MG
Tar and carbon monoxide: None
Secondhand smoke: None
Convenience: Convenient. The interior of the room will not affect other people.

Confidence guaranteed

We have 5 years of operating experience to ensure that you have no worries when purchasing and using our products. We also have a complete system to ensure that the goods are delivered to you safely.

Permanent after-sales service

Our commitment goes beyond selling products. Covering all your needs from technical support to product maintenance. No matter when you encounter a problem, our professional team is on call 24 hours a day to provide you with a solution.

adequate supply

We ensure we are always fully stocked, with over 250 flavors to choose from, from the latest styles to classic bestsellers. We work with top suppliers to ensure product quality and a stable supply of goods.

Delivery speed

We understand that you expect fast and reliable delivery service, ensuring that your order can be delivered to you quickly and safely, as long as 1-2 working days, no matter where you are, we can provide flexible shipping options to suit your needs.

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