RELX 1 Classic Original


RELX 1 Classic Original Introduction

RELX 1 Classic Original

RELX Original 1st Generation:

RELX is a brand from China that has continuously improved its vaping technology from the initial generation of cartridges to the present, which includes the fourth and fifth-generation cartridges. Their updates have been highly efficient, and the brand’s reputation has been steadily improving.

RELX offers a wide range of flavors, from tobacco to fruit, catering to various preferences. The flavor of RELX cartridges is generally stronger, making them suitable for users who enjoy a robust vaping experience. They are also considered helpful for those looking to quit traditional smoking.

With the rise of electronic cigarettes, there are now many different brands and flavors of cartridges available, each with its unique style. However, RELX has maintained its brand principles. All fruit-flavored cartridges contain 3% nicotine, while mint and tobacco flavors retain the original 5% nicotine content. Many users appreciate RELX’s 5% nicotine option.

RELX cartridges come in packs of three, and their duckbill-shaped design is ergonomically suited to the mouth, providing a comfortable vaping experience. RELX places a strong emphasis on product quality, using a dual silicone ring to prevent leakage and a honeycomb-style ceramic atomizer to significantly reduce the chances of cartridge leakage. This ensures that users have the best possible experience. Some of the most popular RELX flavors include Green Bean, Mint, Watermelon, and Tobacco. If you enjoy a strong, rich flavor, you may want to give them a try.

A small recommendation from our store: Using RELX cartridges with RELX vaping devices provides a better overall experience!

Why is the vaping cartridge burnt or has a burnt taste?

Issues and Solutions for Vaping Cartridges:

  1. Issue: Thick vapor due to a damaged atomization core or lack of e-liquid.

    Solution: Vape slowly to allow e-liquid to flow into the atomization core.

  2. Issue: Overheating of the atomization core caused by rapid and frequent usage.

    Solution: Blow air into the mouthpiece to distribute e-liquid into the atomization core and cool it down.

  3. Issue: Residue buildup due to clogs in the e-liquid flow.

    Solution: Clean the heating element to remove any residue.

  4. Issue: Insufficient e-liquid leading to inadequate heating.

    Solution: Shake the vaping cartridge to ensure e-liquid reaches the atomization core. If e-liquid is running low, consider purchasing a new cartridge from us.

These solutions address common problems with vaping cartridges, ensuring a smoother vaping experience.