RELX 4代無限煙彈 – 原廠煙彈(單粒盒裝)(31種口味)





RELX 4代無限煙彈 - 原廠彈(單粒盒裝)28種口味


RELX 4代無限煙彈是RELX推出的最新一代電子煙產品,它的煙彈設計獨具特色,有28種不同的口味可供選擇,讓您享受到更多元化的吸煙體驗。這些精心調製的口味涵蓋了各種口味喜好,確保每位使用者都能找到自己喜愛的口味。

RELX 4代無限煙彈的煙彈采用了最新的技術,具有出色霧化效果,使得吸煙過程更加順暢且滿足感十足。這些煙彈充滿了 RELX4代煙彈油,提供持久而一致的口味和煙霧。

RELX 4代無限煙彈油是經過嚴格的品質控制和測試的,確保了使用者的健康和安全。這些煙彈油不含有害物質,如焦油和一些其他有害的化學物質,這意味著您可以享受到濃郁的煙霧和美味的口味,同時也在保護自己的健康。

RELX 4代無限煙彈的設計精緻,易於更換,且不會造成漏油或滴漏的問題。每個煙彈都具有持久的使用壽命,讓您享受長時間的吸煙樂趣,而不必經常更換。

RELX 4代無限煙彈是一款優秀的電子煙配件,具有多種美味口味和卓越的性能,提供了高品質的吸煙體驗,同時關心使用者的健康和安全。無論您喜歡什麼口味,RELX 4代無限煙彈都能滿足您的需求,讓吸煙變得更加愉快和滿足。






RELX 4代無限煙彈系列 暫時有28種口味,口味上有很多都與1代相同,只不過味道比1代更像真,更濃郁。


涼:绿豆冰 西瓜 純薄荷 可樂冰 葡萄 蕃石榴 芒果 菠蘿 哈密瓜 老冰棍 香桃茶 可樂 葡萄  椰子

不涼:古巴雪茄 青檸煙草



RELX 4代無限煙彈產品1盒包含3粒煙彈

RELX 4th Gen Unlimited Pods are the latest generation of electronic cigarette products introduced by RELX. The pods feature a unique design with 28 different flavors to choose from, offering a diverse smoking experience. Carefully crafted flavors cover a wide range of taste preferences, ensuring every user finds their favorite.

The RELX 4th Gen Unlimited Pods utilize the latest technology, providing excellent vaporization effects for a smooth and satisfying smoking experience. These pods are filled with RELX 4th Gen Pod Oil, offering a long-lasting and consistent flavor and vapor.

The RELX 4th Gen Unlimited Pod Oil undergoes strict quality control and testing to ensure user health and safety. Free from harmful substances like tar and other chemicals, these pod oils allow you to enjoy rich vapor and delicious flavors while protecting your health.

Designed with precision, the RELX 4th Gen Unlimited Pods are easy to replace and prevent issues like leakage or dripping. Each pod has a long lifespan, allowing you to enjoy extended smoking pleasure without frequent replacements.

RELX 4th Gen Unlimited Pods are outstanding electronic cigarette accessories, featuring a variety of delicious flavors and excellent performance. They provide a high-quality smoking experience while prioritizing user health and safety. Whether you prefer cool or non-cool flavors, RELX 4th Gen Unlimited Pods meet your needs, making smoking more enjoyable and satisfying.

Specifications: Vaporization Product Capacity: 2ML Vaporization Product Size: 45.719.510.5mm Approximate Puffs per Vaporization Product: 400 puffs

The RELX 4th Gen Unlimited Pods series currently offers 28 flavors, some of which are similar to 1st Gen but with a more authentic and intense taste.

Flavor and Sensation Differentiation:
Mung Bean Ice, Watermelon, Pure Mint, Cola Ice, Grape, Fanta Pomegranate, Mango, Pineapple, Hami Melon, Old Ice Stick, Peach Tea, Cola, Grape, Coconut.

Not Cool:
Cuban Cigar, Lime Tobacco.

Product Specifications: 1.9ml Capacity Ceramic Honeycomb Coil Diameter 0.01mm Approximately 650 puffs (about 2 packs of cigarettes) Double-sealed pods Finger-shaped pod design Plug-and-play connection Gold-plated proprietary connection Magnetic connection Ingredients: Glycerol, Propylene Glycol, Flavorings.

RELX 4th Gen Unlimited Pods product box includes 3 pods.
These pods are compatible with other RELX 4th/5th generation electronic cigarette models, such as:
· RELX – 4th Gen Original Electronic Vaping Device
· RELX – 5th Gen Universal TROY Electronic Vaping Device
· RELX – 5th Gen Phantom Electronic Vaping Device
· MEGA – 5th Gen Electronic Vaping Device

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