RELX 5代幻影煙機:重新定義吸煙體驗



隨著科技的不斷發展,電子煙行業也在不斷升級和創新,而RELX 5代幻影煙機正是其中一個充滿技術和設計革命的代表。這款煙機帶來了多項顯著的特色,為吸煙者提供了前所未有的吸煙體驗。


RELX 5代幻影煙機引入了全新的超靜音霧化技術和瞬間加熱技術,這意味著使用者可以更快速地享受到口感和煙霧效果。這種技術的升級使得煙霧更加柔和,更接近傳統香煙的口感,讓吸煙者可以更好地模擬傳統吸煙的體驗。這種創新技術的應用,使RELX 5代幻影煙機在市場上脫穎而出,成為吸煙者的首選。


RELX 5代幻影煙機的使用方法更加簡便,只需吸一口就可以啟動,並且不需要按下任何按鈕。這種智能感應啟動方式使得吸煙更加方便和快捷,讓用戶可以輕松地享受吸煙的樂趣,無需複雜的操作。而當煙彈使用完畢時,RELX 5代幻影煙機能夠自動識別並提示更換煙彈,省去了用戶的煩惱和擔心。


除了技術升級外,RELX 5代幻影煙機的外觀設計也讓人印象深刻。它採用金屬材質打造,不僅更加耐用,而且造型更加時尚、簡潔,展現了高端品質。細節設計方面,RELX 5代幻影煙機也下足功夫,使整個產品更加精緻和令人驚艷。無論是外形還是觸感,都能讓用戶感受到高品質和專業。

總之,RELX 5代幻影煙機的特色在於技術升級、操作簡單和外觀設計的優越性。它不僅提供了更接近傳統香煙口感的吸煙體驗,還擁有時尚、高端的外觀,為吸煙者帶來了極致的享受。無論您是新手還是有經驗的吸煙者,RELX 5代幻影煙機都能夠滿足您的口味需求,重新定義吸煙的未來。這款煙機將成為您日常生活中的完美伴侶,為您帶來一場前所未有的吸煙體驗。

產品名稱:Relx 5代煙桿
電芯容量: 380mAh
最大充電電流: 700mA
可吸食次數: 約400口
電量用完:4個LED 紅色閃爍10次 禁止使用
震動反饋,LED 1 漸亮
震動反饋,LED 1 、LED 2 漸亮
震動反饋,LED 1 、LED 2 、LED 3漸亮
震動反饋,LED 1 、LED 2 、LED 3、LED 4漸亮
RELX 幻影主機*1
Type-C 充電線*1






燈顯示4格: 100%-70%電量
燈顯示3格: 70%-50%電量
燈顯示2格: 50%-20%電量
燈顯示1格: 20%-1%電量

With the continuous development of technology, the e-cigarette industry is also constantly upgrading and innovating, and the RELX 5th generation phantom cigarette machine is one of the representatives full of technological and design revolutions. This cigarette machine brings several notable features to provide smokers with an unprecedented smoking experience.

Technology upgrade

RELX VAPE 5th generation phantom cigarette machine introduces new ultra-quiet atomization technology and instant heating technology, which means users can enjoy the taste and smoke effect more quickly. This technological upgrade makes the smoke softer and closer to the taste of traditional cigarettes, allowing smokers to better simulate the traditional smoking experience. The application of this innovative technology makes the RELX VAPE 5th generation Phantom cigarette machine stand out in the market and become the first choice for smokers.

easy to use

The RELX 5th generation phantom cigarette machine is easier to use. It can be started with just one puff and does not require pressing any buttons. This intelligent induction activation method makes smoking more convenient and faster, allowing users to easily enjoy the pleasure of smoking without complicated operations. When the cigarette cartridge is used up, the RELX 5th generation phantom cigarette machine can automatically identify and prompt to replace the cigarette cartridge, saving users troubles and worries.

Appearance design

In addition to technical upgrades, the appearance design of the RELX 5th generation Phantom hood is also impressive. It is made of metal material, which is not only more durable, but also more fashionable and concise in shape, showing high-end quality. In terms of detailed design, RELX 5th generation Phantom hood has also put great efforts into making the entire product more refined and stunning. Whether it is appearance or touch, users can feel high quality and professionalism.

In short, the RELX VAPE 5th generation Phantom hood is characterized by technological upgrades, simple operation and superior appearance design. It not only provides a smoking experience that is closer to the taste of traditional cigarettes, but also has a stylish and high-end appearance, bringing the ultimate enjoyment to smokers.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced smoker, the RELX VAPE 5th generation Phantom smoke machine can meet your taste needs and redefine the future of smoking. This cigarette machine will become the perfect companion in your daily life, bringing you an unprecedented smoking experience.

Product name: Relx VAPE 5th

generation cigarette rod

Model: P53s

Battery capacity: 380mAh

Maximum charging voltage: 5V

Maximum charging current: 700mA

Charging time: 45 minutes

Number of puffs: about 400 puffs

Charging interface: Type-C

Oil storage tank material: PCTG (medical grade)
Atomizer rod size: 87*19.5*10.5mm
Atomizer capacity: 2ML
Atomizer size: 45.7*19.5*10.5mm

LED indicator light
In normal use: 4 LEDs tidal flashing
The battery is out of power: 4 LEDs flash red 10 times. Use is prohibited.

Power 0-25%
Vibration feedback, LED 1 gradually lights up

Battery 25-50%
Vibration feedback, LED 1 and LED 2 gradually brighten

Battery 50-75%
Vibration feedback, LED 1, LED 2, LED 3 gradually brighten

Power 75-100%
Vibration feedback, LED 1, LED 2, LED 3, LED 4 gradually brighten

Products include:
RELX phantom host*1
Type-C charging cable*1

Product manual*1

RELX5 generation phantom hood (5th generation hood) (10 colors) (battery prompt)

The main unit can be used with the following cartridges:

Relx original fourth generation cigarette cartridges (25 flavors)
American LUX fourth generation universal cigarette cartridge (13 flavors)
China Troy fourth generation universal cigarette cartridge (8 flavors)

RELX VAPE 5 generation phantom hood (5th generation hood) (10 colors) (battery prompt)

💁🏻‍♀️Longer battery life and faster charging
The light shows 4 grids: 100%-70% power
The light shows 3 grids: 70%-50% battery
The light shows 2 bars: 50%-20% battery
The light shows 1 grid: 20%-1% power

Charging display – the lighted position shows breathing mode when charging
Fully charged indicator – the white light stays on and does not flash in the light position.

This product has passed China and EU ROHS certification
This company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification

The host can use the following pods:

RELX 4 Infinity – Original Vape Pods (28 Flavors)
MEGA Pods For RELX 5 (17 Flavors)
LANA Pods | Compatible With RELX 4 And RELX 5 (14 Flavors)

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