RELX6代(RELX悦刻)(六代)(6代Pro煙桿)(Infinity 2)





RELX6代(RELX悦刻)(六代)(6代Pro煙杆)(Infinity 2)



RELX6代(Relx悅刻六代 Infinity Pro 2)作為他們最新一代的產品,有幾個特色和設計理念:

Relx悅刻六代 Infinity Pro 2搭載了一項創新的技術,稱為「超感自動識別技術」。它能根據使用者吸食時的口感自動調整煙霧效果,提供更貼合使用者喜好的吸食體驗。


Relx悅刻六代 Infinity Pro 2的電池系統得到了改進,採用了快速充電技術,能更快地充電。電池容量也有所增加,使使用者可以享受更長的使用時間。


Relx悅刻六代 Infinity Pro 2使用一種創新的漏油預防技術,稱為「無漏油結構」。這種結構可以有效地防止煙彈漏油,確保使用者的吸食體驗更順暢和乾淨。

產品安全:Relx悅刻六代 Infinity Pro 2對產品安全非常重視,他們採用了一系列的安全措施,包括過電流保護、過放電保護和短路保護等,以確保使用者的安全。

RELX6代(RELX悦刻)(六代)(6代Pro烟杆)(Infinity 2)

Relx悅刻六代 Infinity Pro 2的設計理念是簡約、時尚且易於使用。他們注重產品的外觀設計,追求細節和質感。同時,他們也致力於提供優質的使用者體驗,包括方便的操作、持久的電池壽命和順暢的吸食感受。

希望這些資訊能夠讓您更了解Relx悅刻六代 Infinity Pro 2的背景、特色和設計理念!如果您有其他問題,請隨時提出。


RELX6 generation (RELX RELX) (sixth generation) (6th generation Pro cigarette rod) (Infinity 2)

Relx is a Chinese company established in 2018, focusing on the e-cigarette industry. Their goal is to help smokers achieve their smoking cessation goals by providing high-quality e-cigarette products.

Relx’s sixth-generation Infinity Pro 2, as their latest generation product, has several features and design concepts:

Super-sensory automatic recognition technology: The sixth generation of Relx Infinity Pro 2 is equipped with an innovative technology called “super-sense automatic recognition technology.” It can automatically adjust the smoke effect according to the user’s taste when smoking, providing a smoking experience that is more in line with the user’s preferences.


Improved battery system: The battery system of the sixth generation Relx Infinity Pro 2

has been improved and uses fast charging technology to charge faster. The battery capacity has also been increased, allowing users to enjoy longer use.

Product safety: Relx’s sixth-generation Infinity Pro 2 attaches great importance to product safety. They have adopted a series of safety measures, including over-current protection, over-discharge protection and short-circuit protection, to ensure the safety of users.

RELX6 generation (RELX RELX) (sixth generation) (6th generation Pro cigarette rod) (Infinity 2)

The design concept of the sixth generation Relx Infinity Pro 2 is simple, stylish and easy to use. They pay attention to the appearance design of products and pursue details and texture. At the same time, they are also committed to providing a high-quality user experience, including convenient operation, long-lasting battery life and smooth smoking experience.

I hope this information can help you better understand the background, features and design concepts of the sixth generation Relx Infinity Pro 2! If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask.

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