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阿爾法(Relx Alpha)(悅刻2代)(RELX)(2代)






阿爾法(Relx Alpha)(悅刻2代)(RELX)(2代)











阿爾法(Relx Alpha)(悅刻2代)(RELX)(2代)


阿爾法(Relx Alpha)(悅刻2代)(RELX)(2代)

專屬熱感煙彈,每盒有3顆煙彈。悅刻阿爾法最新推出沙沙綠豆冰,香烤一號煙,黑冰薄荷,紅玉西瓜冰,鮮百香綠茶,水果茶,熱帶黃金芒,二廠老冰棍。此乃熱感霧化彈。經典口味,味道由淺到濃郁,層次更豐富;溫中帶涼更接近口腔溫度,抽起來更舒適,而且 現在每盒3顆,性價比更高了。

Relx Alpha (2nd generation) (RELX) (2nd generation)

The charging interface has begun to use Type-c, and a vibration reminder of 15 puffs has been added (one cigarette ≈ 15 puffs), which is very innovative and provides an additional new use experience;

Cigarette cartridges: The most attractive thing about the second generation is also its cigarette cartridges. We should focus on talking about them with everyone:


Original α-shaped air duct design with three 57mm curves, which is smoother and softer, enhances the layered taste of real cigarettes, and has a slightly damped smoking feel, which is 95% similar to cigarettes;

Anti-condensation liquid:

The inner wall of the airway is a strong friction surface, locking the condensate in a safe area of the atomizer chamber, which can be seen when pulling out the cartridge;

Atomizer core:

It has a new 4th generation FEELM ceramic atomizer core with optimized structure at that time, which greatly increases the contact area between the smoke liquid and the atomizer, and enhances the anti-fog function!

Relx Alpha (2nd generation) (RELX) (2nd generation)

As a new product after the first generation, RELX Alpha II has made many improvements. It has made many breakthroughs in terms of appearance, user experience, especially cigarette cartridges. Many patented technologies are a great progress, which is really refreshing, especially the business style. It gives many business people better choices and reaches a wider age group.

Relx Alpha (2nd generation) (RELX) (2nd generation)

Exclusive thermal cigarette cartridges, each box contains 3 cigarette cartridges. RELX Alpha’s latest launches are Shasha Mung Bean Ice, Fragrant No. 1 Tobacco, Black Ice Mint, Ruby Watermelon Ice, Fresh Passion Green Tea, Fruit Tea, Tropical Golden Mango, and No. 2 Old Popsicles. This is a thermal atomizer bomb. Classic taste, the taste ranges from light to rich, with richer layers; the mild-to-cool taste is closer to the mouth temperature, making it more comfortable to smoke. And now there are 3 pills per box, making it more cost-effective.

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