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悅刻2代 阿爾法 Relx Alpha(煙桿x1+ Type C充電線x1)






悅刻2代 阿爾法  Relx Alpha (煙桿x1+ Type C充電綫x1)


悅刻2代 阿爾法 原裝正版和多種顔色選擇: Relx Alpha悅刻2代提供多種時尚的顔色選擇,包括遂空黑、咖啡金、琺瑯寶藍、淺雕鉑金以及最新的月夜羅蘭,確保您能找到最喜愛的款式。而且,這是原裝正版產品,確保質量可靠。


悅刻2代 阿爾法  簡易操作和震動反應:




悅刻2代 阿爾法適 合以下煙彈:

阿爾法(Relx Alpha)

Relx 2nd Generation Alpha Relx Alpha (cigarette rod x1 + Type C charging cable x1)

Original genuine version and multiple color options: Relx Alpha 2 generation offers a variety of fashionable color options, including Suikong black, coffee gold, enamel sapphire blue, bas-carved platinum and the latest Moon Night Roland, ensuring you can find your favorite style . Moreover, this is an original and genuine product, ensuring reliable quality.

Type-C charging and long-lasting battery:
RELX 2 uses a Type-C charging interface to make the charging process faster and more convenient. It only takes 40 minutes to fully charge, and when the battery is less than 30%, the red LED light will remind you to charge, ensuring that you will not run out of power when you need it.

Easy operation and vibration response:
The RELX 2 generation has a simple design and is extremely easy to operate. When you take 10 consecutive puffs, it will provide a vibration response to remind you that your nicotine intake is close to that of a cigarette. It adopts a minimalist design without buttons, plug and play, and is very suitable for beginners.

a Circular airway design and 20+ innovative technologies:
The RELX 2 generation introduces the original A-ring airway design and provides an unprecedented taste experience through 20+ independently developed innovative technologies. This design makes the smoke similar to as high as 95%, restoring the layers and flavor of real smoke. At the same time, it locks in condensation, ensuring every sip is pure and smooth.

The fourth generation of FEELM ceramic atomization technology:
The RELX 2 generation is equipped with a brand new fourth generation FEELM ceramic atomizer core, which further enhances the performance of the atomizer. This honeycomb-structured ceramic core increases the contact area between the smoke liquid and the atomizer, effectively improving the anti-fog function and ensuring that every puff of smoke is delicate and soft.

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