JMG 煙彈(韓國品牌)| RELX 一代通用 | 20種口味 | 輕悅獨家品牌





JMG 煙彈(韓國品牌)| RELX 一代通用 | 16種口味 | 輕悅獨家品牌








·Relx – 1代原廠電子煙機

產品規格:‧ 2ml容量‧ 防漏水晶芯‧ 直徑0.01mm‧ 約600口‧ 雙密封煙彈‧ 鴨嘴型煙彈設計‧ 即插即用連接‧ 鍍金屬防燒焦‧ 磁連接‧ 植物甘油、丙二醇、食品調味劑、尼古丁、真果汁提取物

JMG cartridges, as an e-cigarette brand from South Korea, have attracted much attention for their unique characteristics and flavors. This cartridge is different from many competitors in that it is characterized by an extremely reduced mint flavor, making it suitable for users with different taste needs.

light mint

JMG cartridges are known for their light mint flavor, which means it provides a milder mint flavor. This makes JMG cartridges an ideal choice for novices who are not yet experienced in e-cigarettes or for users who prefer pure smoke flavors. For those who have used menthol cigarettes before, it may take a day or two to get used to this different taste experience, but once you do, you will find it has a unique appeal.

Suitable for different tastes

The uniqueness of JMG cigarette cartridges lies in its diversity. It is suitable for both mint-loving users and users who pursue pure smoke flavor. This diversity ensures that every user can find a cartridge that suits their taste and enjoy a different smoking experience.

JMG has 16 unique flavors. This brand is characterized by the fact that all unique flavors are gathered here. You can find rare or unseen flavors in JMG 💪🏻💪🏻🌟

The flavors that are most searched for but not commonly found in the market include: chocolate, Yakult, coconut water, etc. ✨✨

1 box of this product contains 3 pods
This cartridge is also suitable for other Relx generation electronic cigarettes, such as:

Product Specifications:

‧ 2ml capacity‧ Leak-proof crystal core‧ Diameter 0.01mm‧ About 600 pods‧ Double-sealed pods‧ Duckbill pod design‧ Plug and play connection Agent, Nicotine, Real Juice Extract

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