Lana一代電子煙主機-RELX一代用(3.7v電)(大煙量) 輕悅電子煙





Lana一代電子煙主機-RELX一代用(3.7v電)(大煙量) 輕悅電子煙


1. 優越性能

Lana一代電子煙主機以其卓越的性能而脫穎而出。擁有高功率設計,這款主機能夠提供更大的煙量和更濃郁的味道,滿足追求極致吸煙體驗的用戶需求。煙桿的功率高達3.7W,使您能夠輕鬆享受濃郁的煙霧。此外,Lana一代主機還配備了強大的380mAh電池,保證長時間的使用,不需要經常充電。而當需要充電時,利用Type C充電接口,充電速度驚人,只需短短的30分鐘,您就可以再次充滿電池,繼續您的吸煙之旅,高達6小時的使用時間。

2. 多種風味選擇


3. 簡單的操作方式





LANA 1代電子煙機


Lana first generation electronic cigarette host – RELX first generation (3.7v electricity) (large cigarette volume)

Modern technology has brought a new level of smoking experience, and the Lana generation electronic cigarette host is a typical representative of it. The superior performance and stylish design of this e-cigarette host will keep you coming back. Whether you are new to vaping or looking to upgrade, Lana Generation is the perfect choice for you.

1. Superior performance

The Lana generation electronic cigarette host stands out for its excellent performance. With a high-power design, this host can provide greater smoke volume and richer flavor, meeting the needs of users who pursue the ultimate smoking experience. The power of the smoking rod is up to 3.7W, allowing you to enjoy rich smoke easily. In addition, the Lana first-generation host is also equipped with a powerful 380mAh battery, which ensures long-term use and does not require frequent charging. When it’s time to charge, use the Type C charging interface to charge at an amazing speed. In just 30 minutes, you can fully charge the battery again and continue your smoking journey, with up to 6 hours of use.

2. A variety of flavor options

The Lana generation console provides a variety of flavor options to meet the taste preferences of different users. No matter what flavor you prefer, you can find the right option. This variety ensures that you get a different flavor experience with every smoke, thus enriching your smoking life.

3. Simple operation

The Lana generation host has a simple design and simple and intuitive operation. Even novices who are using e-cigarettes for the first time can easily get started. Everything is designed to be very user-friendly for a superior smoking experience.

LANA 一代煙機

白色, 白紫, 白綠, 粉金, 黑色, 灰色

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